Jisu Seo is such a troll (Black Lambs, Season 3 spoilers)


  • I read everything in closers. By far the best storyline i ever saw in a mmo.

  • PhantomVoidPhantomVoid Member
    edited February 2019

    That's true, Naddic really put effort and love in its game (and let's not forget about EME <3)

  • The training program quest where Harpy steals Yuri's phone to tell Jungmi that Yuri is cheating on her was the best.

  • Love this game's story, too bad I can only read from Tein's, Harpy's, and Soma's perspective. Those are the only characters I really play.

  • Teins is funny, and Sylvi is a horrible drawer from what I can tell. even Tina calls her out when she tries to byass having to draw an elephant via drawing Tina's fridge

  • I find playable characters interaction with one another quite fun and interesting... Even characters I don't like to play makes it playable for me just so I can read the story/interactions

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