Are reanimator's suppose to be a uncommon drop?

Its crazy how low the drop rate is for these things.

honestly it feels like a rare drop sometimes.


  • 0-3 Drops in Any A9 Assault stage, 1 is very common and it increases the chance to get more reanims if you have more founs item bonus. in about 150% found item bonus you have a 1/5 chance to drop 2 reanims

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    It's not super rare but yes TheQuilla is right. It almost like 90% you will get at least 1 drop per A9 assault . I can drop up to 3 if you solo and up to 4 in party

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    Did today 50 runs with 90-96% increased item bonus and there was always at least one reanimator. Rarely boss dropped two and once I had three in those 50 runs.

    It seems as little as 60-66% item bonus nearly guarantees 1 reanimator per run.
    Did 10 runs with 66% and dropped 9 reanimators out of 10 runs.

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    From what a friend told me they have around 50-60% chance of dropping per run, but as mentioned before they are affected by item find so its possible to make it a guaranteed drop.

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    There is some 5/5 achievement giving 3 reanimators. Castle Garden Assault 5 times, i think.,

  • WG OC also have High drop rate for your rez pills o:)

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