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There is no discussion to be had about this


  • advertised in facebook (like the sponsored thingy) to get more new players

  • @RCmachine said:
    There is no discussion to be had about this

  • You know, you can always go out there and shill the game yourself.

  • @RCmachine said:
    There is no discussion to be had about this

    Agree, they should probably do some event partnering some trustworthy mmo website.

  • It will be a miracle if closers have more than 500 players per day at the end of this year...Still EME thinks that advertise is a waste of money. That´s why activision and EA spend a lot of money like millions of dollars only in that department, because they love to spend money in things that will not have any benefit...They sell thousand of copy of their shit and half-baked games because they are good NOT AT ALL because of the heavy and really agressive advertise they do for their games.

  • I do agree, and have been saying such, that advertising would be good for the game for obvious reasons. I can't recall the last time I've seen advertising on any EME game, including Tera, to which I'm assuming they have their own reasons for. It's something I'll ask and hopefully some change can come out of it.

    That being said, please try not to go off-topic in this thread. OP's thread was to talk about advertising the game and that alone. If you would like to discuss other topics that others have said already(Server Merge & Bai), you may do so in threads that were already created on this topic.

    This is not the thread to discuss those topics. Please do it elsewhere.

  • @salubri84 said:
    looks like this is "slowly" becoming into another "boo hoo, eme doesnt relese Bai, me and milions of people dont play your game because you ignore us and delay bai release" type of post

    IMO: The issue isn't so much 'wah delayed Bai release' so much as I literally couldn't tell you if there was -- in the grander scheme of things -- a gap between Soma and Luna release (It was a month because those are trash tier waifus EME can't plan for beans). I can also hardly remember those characters' names. a 4 month gap between those two and Bai? Doesn't feel right. This is why games like PoE have a consistent 4-13 week schedule. To (help) prevent things from feeling 'unfair' in their releases.

    This also reveals one of the strengths/weaknesses in this game's design (And if 'Ensemble Casts' in general).

    No one cares about characters that aren't their waifu/husbando. I no-lifed Harpy to 82 MONTHS before the cap increase. I struggled to get pedobait Tina to 20. I would kill other people's children for Wolfgang. Who even is J? What's a Sylvi? It sounds like a disappointment.

    I'm basically only trying to min-max my Wolfgang at this point. Not because I necessarily even want to play the game, but only because I want to play WOLFGANG. Then when Bai comes out I'll play Bai until I'm bored (Prob. til I need Queen's eye equip) because she's waifu and be stuck waiting for the next character I find cool like the rest of us.

    This is just what happens when a game that bases itself on different character types and classes -- especially ones like those of Elsword and Closers in which the ensemble cast has each character dedicated to a defined 'Aesthetic' and style of play -- delays a character: People leave, because in their minds the ACTUAL content that's important to them is delayed. And rightfully so.

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    I disagree that they should advertise the game in it's current state.
    There was a thread on the forums that expressed how hard it was to get their friend to play this game.

    Main issue is that the road to get to the content that matters and finally start playing with others takes far too long. For new players who start this game their first impressions will be:

    • Solo play
    • Rinse & Repeat Quests
    • Re-run dungeons
    • Lonely

    My friends got me to play and I only committed because I played in KR long time ago and knew how fun Closers is. However, I was the only one out of 4 friends who made it to the end. Everyone else stopped at around Han High School.

    It would be good to check retention rates and collect data to see where the most new player drop off is. I'm sure En Masse already does this and is sharing with the developers on ways to improve new player experience.

    New player and returning player events are nice temporary solutions and definitely something En Masse can do. However, creating a marketing budget for Closers as it is right now may not be for the best until the game sees some core content progression overhaul.

  • Going to be honest even if creating.many topics help vent frustration. It would never be looked at. Moderator are there to make sure the forum looks ok. We never really see any other employee talk much here. So I feel like the forums is a place where rage is left here until it's forgotten.

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