Task Force Veteranus: Tina Patch Discussion - 2/26/2019

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  • Tina's Task force has arrived! At level 83, begin the quest to unlock her Task force gear, frames, skill, and more!
  • Experience the brand new Dream Theater Hub, as well as the new event stage, Clochella!
  • Tons of Tina events, like log in rewards, tokens, and leveling boxes!
  • Brand new costumes, plus discounts on returning costumes!

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  • Tina is the First to get Task force. only a little surprised they didn't roll the first ones all out at once.

  • @Icywizard said:
    Alright, I have decided after seeing this patch. As not a single discussed comment were heed or listened by en masses at all. What happened to their promises of Great Games, Great Service—Creating Long-Lasting Quality Relationships?
    See you guys in Kurtzpel if ever.

    Read. Also have fun in kurtzpel, most bland game ever.

  • Don't worry Enmasse, i haven't forgotten you erasing my game progress.

  • not to attack anyone but can you people show real statistics as proof? always see the same people claiming "the majority" is against the current path and that only the "minority elite" is being heard, but never seen a really hard proof of this, just being curios dont take it seriously

  • At least they could add divining clash content in. The task force is limited to people who play those char. So I'm pretty much waiting two months for something to drop. Gardening is the only things lvling my chars up lol.

    I understand why people want to slow down new content because there are people who got loads of resources which is ready to dump on strengthening gear. People know beelzebuzz is coming out soon so the hype of getting strong gear for Puri is over. The card swipers knows their +15 can be out shone by the new gear. Which means they waiting to earn more money to swipe swipe swipe.

  • Discuss the latest patch here!
    Not things that have nothing to do with this thread like Bai.

  • With the introduction of the Dream Theater Hub, does it use the Dimensional Ops center crew reputation level for buffs? I didn't see a new entry in the list, when i briefly looked earlier.

  • like @DamianX50 say a FB poll with so limited options and so short of a sample vote cant be considered a "statically" correct proof, and sorry went a bit off topic and forgot this was a post to comment the current patch
    dismiss my previous comment and about the topic in hand, i liked this "update" though gotta agree TF for a single char feels a bit short off

  • Going back into the real topic of this thread.
    One thing that I notice is that unless I am doing something wrong. It seems you need more than a few days to get the task force completed. You need to collect 10 solidarity shards which are droped from the solidarity stage. I got 2 from one run but there is a 1 day entry restriction. So unless I am missing something, I can guess it will be 4 more days to complete this quest.

    Also, you don't really need OP gear to survive the stages. My Tina just a have extreme gear + disaster since she is one of the last characters I made, and I complete the stages with not much problem, Recollection takes a bit due my low damage output on tina.

  • @DamianX50 said:
    2- How can a FB group be the mayority of the player base? 137 votes in particular, I know not many people play this but im pretty sure 137 isnt enough to be the mayority, heck its not even 10% of the members of that group.

    3- Whats the point of the poll exactly? I see no reason to put Seth in that poll, its a closed group so I cant even see it, if the poll was about "Who do you want to be released on eme first?" then of course BaI would win, she has been out for longer so she deserves to be first.

    This poll was a "fun poll of the week" poll to determine which character the players of the group are enjoying or anticipating more than the other. It is shown as evidence for "Bai is loved by everyone and we need her now, else the game will die" and is cited whenever the "people who want Bai now" show up.

    On Topic: The patch is okay, I don't play Tina seriously, so she's not high enough for Veteranus. The Dream Theater story was kind of interesting, but very short. Event dungeon is nice, hopefully more Zenith Authorities will show up and be sold so I can finally get one. Cash shop update... Nothing interesting (for me) atm.

  • @Rieid That is correct. It takes 5 days of farming thanks to the time-gating on that one item. That's how it's set up in Korea, but I recall hearing that they had a mat package in the store. I'm not sure if it included the shards or not though

  • @Tekniqal we also have the cash package, you can get TF day 1 here too by opening wallet.

    We got the yellow union wing :smile: feels good man. Gotta grind for 17 years for costumes now :neutral: feels bad man. The fact that Veteranus is spelt 4 different ways(news page, launcher, ingame x2) is triggering my autism though.

  • @Lihzakivi That was my impression of what the Free Pass box was intended for, but the box mentions having Fragments of Bonding and not Solidarity Shards, which are required for the promotion. Fragments of Bonding are for the repeat quest to get D Coins.

  • Well we got a signature accesory box from the event can't complain about that.

  • I tried playing my tina... got none of these Ventus tokens

  • It's a bit harder to determine which stages count now with the stamina system gone, but the first town never gave tokens (at the very least up to Patrol). I don't believe the event dungeon gives any either, but most other areas should. If you could provide info on which places you've tried that might help. I took mine back to Planar Gate to finish up a lot of the achievements I missed.

  • Hi, guys! Do we know at all if "SA/SC Costume Full Set Box" will return for J/Wolfgang's event in March? I want wolfgang's SA the most, but seeing as how this event is for training Tina.. I kind of wanted to pick hers up, too. I don't want to go for her and miss out on wolfgang, though.

  • BunnyBunny Member, Player Moderators, Player Council

    @Viinea said:
    Hi, guys! Do we know at all if "SA/SC Costume Full Set Box" will return for J/Wolfgang's event in March? I want wolfgang's SA the most, but seeing as how this event is for training Tina.. I kind of wanted to pick hers up, too. I don't want to go for her and miss out on wolfgang, though.

    With a well educated guess I would think that craft part returns for J/WG TF events.

  • I apologize that this has more to do with the road map than this specific update, but I didn't want to revive such an old topic and I felt it was relevant to this as it pertains to the updates; specifically Task Force updates.

    I previously cited a 10 month gap between KR and EN by the time we get Nata's Task Force. At the time of Tina's Task Force update, we were 8 months behind KR. We are in fact falling behind KR with the present road map because our updates are 2 weeks apart. KR may not release new content every 2 weeks, but they release Task Force updates 1 week apart. With the last 2 teams still to take into account (following Nata), that's another 6 weeks we will be distancing ourselves away from KR. By the time we get the last Task Force update, we will be nearly a year behind.

    Keeping a consistent distance from the original is something players can tolerate, but falling behind? It wouldn't surprise me if the player count is less than half of what it has already dropped to following the server merge by next year due to emigration.

  • JinyoJinyo Member

    I really like the update - just wished it would've came with the "battle system" of the two sides as well since it's a big motivation for the high end players and kinda fun as well for players that havn't been on a lot lately. Since the system does not really need newer updates to work i would've liked it to came and earlier and think that if naddic had finished it earlier they would've released it earlier as well. That's why i think that this one shouldn't be going by the same plan of korea and should'Ve been released earlier.
    Except that - good.

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