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This thread is to discuss your opinion on name selling - how you feel regarding it, if it should be continued or stopped, how name-selling can be handled more effectively, and so on. Over the past few days, there have been discussions regarding players selling character names in exchange for in-game currency (credits). Currently, EME's stance on name selling is that it is allowed, be it in Closers or any other EME published game. Selling names for real money (RMT) is strictly against the rules. After this recent server merge, names have opened up due to inactivity. However, as some here have already noticed, players have taken advantage of this opportunity to obtain credits via selling IGNs. On one end of the spectrum people find selling names okay while the opposite side disagree.

Each person has their own reason to agree or disagree with name selling, and by that degree no one is specifically wrong for thinking one way or another. In the meantime, EME will be reading through this discussion thread for additional feedback.

As a reminder when giving your input, please remember to remain constructive. Do not attack any community member if they have opposing views and for any other reason.

Thank you!



  • It's hard to say since most games usually have no rules on trading names and the like, so long as the currency being traded remains ingame currency e.g not RMT.

    In regards to accounts with names at level 1-10 I wouldn't be surprised if some players reserve names for future unreleased Closers and it would be too much work to distinguish between whether or not the names are for selling, or for personal use in the future.

    I can't really push for one side or the other since it's so commonly accepted on games.

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    This is exactly the consequence I was trying to limit in my feedback on the merge naming policy.. It is a shame that it has not been given an answer or feedback from EME.

    And now I would not be surprised if some people just created a lot of characters on NA before the merge in order to sell them later to the EU players. (surprise surprise, look at these shops suddenly appearing in the sell section of the forum....)

    It may be too difficult but my suggestion is the following. If a player Y wants to buy an IGN, he can ask the support to check if his IGN was taken by a character X created between the announcement of the merge and the merge. If the character X is still below a certain lvl (let's say 15), player Y can claim back his IGN.

    We can also consider the date of creation of the characters to justify a name change by the support.

    My aim is not to prevent IGN selling in general (which I consider as legitimate) but to limit the IGN selling from people who farm EU players characters name prior to the merge.....

    If nothing can be really be done, I reiterate ( for the third time on this forum...) a compensation system for EU players to at least provide some support in buying their IGN back.

  • i know a certain someone that created accounts specifically after the merge announcement to take "hostage" of the names of several EU players, thats why i always been against this kind of system names

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    In my opinion, IGN selling is one of the worst things in MMORPGs and should be completely forbidden.

    I have nothing against reserving names for future characters, as long as they are on your main account. But as soon as you go out of your way and create alt accounts to exploit the system and take as many names as possible "hostage", this is absolutely inacceptable.

    I agree with TheQuilla, that having an account name system to get the name you want + Account name would be the best option to make IGN selling inviable.

  • it's pretty good to have ign seller like these, ofc i myself bought a name from the name sellers, paid 10m, [not bad] then i just moved on already.

  • Am I one of the few people that don't understand why people see it as a bad thing?

    ie: I really wanted X name but couldn't get it due to being away, I find it more convenient that someones willing to sell it than someone taking it away forever.

    In regards to actual constructive feedback, I'm fine with it, would hope there would be better ways of exchange such as having the name changed free or at a lowered cost to accomodate. I'm also a fan of the only use account name idea. It's what another game I play, PSO2, does. So you can repeat the same name on all alts.

  • I feel like it's pretty unfair towards new players (or even current players), since the names they want may be taken by a player who just wants to profit off of them. However, like Momo said, I have nothing against reserving names for future characters if they're going to be used by the player.
    I don't know whether or not it should be bannable (especially since it's hard to differentiate between those who want to sell, and those who want to reserve), but I do think it shouldn't be allowed.

  • I noticed issue last night after i updated the game.
    i successful named a new character as "Test" which surprise me.

    i didn't expect that people would actually abuse this for profit.
    There alot username got taken by lvl.1 seha from what i see.
    From the pattern they tend to pick a single syllable name like dog,kitten etc.

    i used the "Verify User" function in Mailbox to check other user character and level

    i took few name for myself on character that i haven't play .. J and Yuri is pretty fun

  • I do agree with Hasey. There are no rules, and unfortunately, is accepted on games for in game currency. I'm not really surprise since this type of selfish marketing is everywhere I go. I still feel disgusted paying for a name, but in the end, it IS the name that I wanted as long the price isn't over the top.

    Maybe TheQuillas' idea would be a better choice if no one's complaining about everyone having the same name, but different account name.

    Eme merging maintenance allowing both Regions(Majority will be NAs) to stay up 24 hours to snipe, or reserve new names for those who haven't log in at least six months(or quit? correct me if I'm wrong) giving whoever logs in first come, first serve basis should've never happen.

  • I would have to say it should be a ban-able offence regardless of if you sell for real money or in game gold, your still profiting off of it.

    Couple of problems I see with it are that you just end up with players just creating alts just to store names that could otherwise go to new or existing players. And just like with the recent merge people will just abuse the system to get names with the intention of selling them to the people they originally had them. Why should you have to pay to get a name? Names should either be freed up every so often or if a name is on an inactive account you can request to free it up and use it.

    Secondly is the price how do you judge a price on a name one could go for 10m the next could go for 200m or even 500m but then how can you guarantee that there was no real money being involved in the deal. While I know most wont involve real money there is still a chance of it happening.

    Thirdly is that most deals are made on discord where EME have no access to and so if there is any real money involved, scamming or other issues they cant monitor message logs and such. To me if your going to allow the selling of names it should done via the forums private message so if anything does go wrong you at least EME can get to the bottom of it.

    Lastly is the chance you may buy a name and it getting sniped from you. This can be either from the seller telling a third party when the name is free to snipe it or just some random person being there at the right time to get it. The buyer losses out as the seller has done there part of the deal and since its not an official sale I doubt anything will be done about it though the seller may lose some reputation.

    Just quickly some of my thoughts on the subject.

  • Permanent ban offence.
    There are certain people that hoard names to an extent of having hundreds of names, hundreds of names new users could of had. Imagine seeing interesting names in the game, in hubs and dungeons instead of some schmucks storing them and selling for absorbent amounts.

    @TheQuilla said:
    We could use the Account Name system someone suggested a while ago, basicly you get whatever name you want and it displays Name+(Account Name) on the chat. Kinda like the one that's already in Crew chat but I dont know if it's possible, EME please do this if it is possible! (This would Basicly Eliminate Name selling too)

    Put it in the best manageable way. No sort of bots can detect if the account and the names within are stored for selling or reserved by the player for further use.

    Godspeed on EME making the right decision.

  • I would like to see a system like other person mentioned before, something like using your account/user name as a surname. This way there could be multiple players with same character name, but you still can differentiate thanks to their account name. Pretty much like real life naming system.
    I get that is unfair for the EU players that the name that you wanted, and some times even the original name you had in your server was taken. It also sucks for new players that want to use a name and can't.

    However, while I don´t agree with the people that is abusing the system, at same time I don´t really think that start banning people who sell names would fix this problem.
    I am from the US server, and way before any merge I was unable to use some names that I wanted for my characters. Many of those are not even common ones and are names that I never see online. This makes me think that some of those names were taken way before even I started to play this game. Many of those names maybe are used by players that quit long time ago, or people that play at other time, or as others mention: maybe those names were taken by someone who reserve for using on future. So even if you ban all people that sell names:

    What do you do with the people who got the name and is not selling?
    How can you be sure that said name is just not being hoarded for future?
    And if it is a case of name hoarding, what do you do about that?
    what about someone who created a character, maybe stop playing for a few weeks and then decides to come back?
    What about people who is not max level and have a name you want?

    Also,In what you base the right for name?:
    ---Months or years of account creation?
    ---Character levels?
    ---Amount of real money cashed?
    ---Number of hours played?

    Keep in mind that even if people are selling names, it will still be a case of either: "First come, first served." or "Money makes the world go round." Specially for common names. So there will still be other people wanting the name that someone got from the name seller first or for more money.

    So whatever the stance is about selling names, the issue will persists if the root of the problem is not solved.

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    This is just like the free 500emp exploit. Just lock characters or delete them if they're under X level over X months (e.g. under Lvl20 and 3 months). This may not eradicate name-selling but atleast no one would waste their time leveling hundreds of them. If they want to reserve a name, then they have to put effort in leveling it up.

    To be honest, reserving names should be disallowed too. If you're not using it, then you have no right to stop other players from using it. Reserving names is just like reserving a table in a restaurant or reserving a seat in a football match for a customer you know will never come. Who freaking reserve for months/years for free?

  • how does one even sell a name?

  • BunnyBunny Member, Player Moderators, Player Council

    @fullmetalone said:
    how does one even sell a name?

    Just like how someone sells an item for over 500m. Risky business.

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    My opinion on the topic follows precedent in other MMO's. Name selling is okay as long as it's not involving real money trading or something similar.

  • I think taking up names to sell is the same as hoarding costumes to sell after they become unavailable. If you're against one, you should be against the other. Many people had the opportunity to log on after the merge to reserve names. It's a gold rush. This is equivalent to buying an underpriced item in the BM, except in the BM case there's a person directly losing something.

    Which brings me to my next point: No one is losing anything. I guess some people with unique names got their names stolen before the server merge(or taken hostage), but I'm pretty sure the names of the people transferring over got priority, meaning the players got their names if they were open among freed up names. I could be wrong on this, so correct me if I'm wrong. If I'm not wrong about that, no one actually lost anything other than the people whose names were "taken hostage." I feel for those people, but the issue of names being taken hostage is a player toxicity issue.

  • I did bought a name a long time ago. Im use to it because it IS very common everywhere you go. However, I have to say merging wasn't a bad idea, but allowing us to take player's names with 6 months or later and from EU players was a mistake. Other games does not even allow us 2nd chance to get the name if a person quit. This allow us to have more ign sellers in the market now. Now, we have new ign sellers selling other player's existence name though. Good job. I wonder what would happen to those players who took a long break and comes back with a new name waiting for them. Surname is not a bad idea

  • @Reki2051 said:
    I think taking up names to sell is the same as hoarding costumes to sell after they become unavailable. If you're against one, you should be against the other.

    False equivalence. There's only one of each name, there are several units of any costume you may hoard.

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    I'm of the opinion that name-selling is fine as long as RMT isn't involved.

    However... I will say that I believe that EU players that may have been griefed of their name deserve at least some kind of chance to regain their old name if there's clear evidence of another player intentionally taking their name. eg. the character was created AFTER the merge announcement and is largely unplayed.

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    Using Star Trek Online as an example, they use the [email protected] system. This would let you name your characters however you wanted (as long as no duplicates on your personal account). When one was sending private messages, mails, etc you would be using @account. But typically for roleplaying chat would use the character name (unless specifically linking to a person).

    Within the framework of closers, one could think of it as a "visual costume slot" for the character name. It does appear that some of the behind the scenes mechanisms already does communication using the account name.

  • Just had trouble trying to make an account using names that I later find out were taken by these bastards who want to sell the right to a name for money? That ain't right. I just went by a thread where someone was selling like... 50 names that they made a bunch of seha's just to do this. I mean it's obviously not RCTing when they ask for in game money, but to just make a ton of names and hold a $ over them is stupid.

  • @Openers said:
    Just had trouble trying to make an account using names that I later find out were taken by these bastards who want to sell the right to a name for money? That ain't right. I just went by a thread where someone was selling like... 50 names that they made a bunch of seha's just to do this. I mean it's obviously not RCTing when they ask for in game money, but to just make a ton of names and hold a $ over them is stupid.

    That's me and I'd like to continue it until it becomes illegal, if it does sure they can reset my account/I can remove the characters.

  • no wonder the game goes south when EME supports things like this which upset players which in the end leave the game, and doesn't make other players stay or join the game, 10/10 good work there

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