Twitch prime pack not available for EU ?

i can't get the Twitch prime pack , Is that normal ? i'm the only one who got that error ?


  • you are not alone

  • LinoCrelierLinoCrelier Member
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    EU once again is forgotten by EME and gets the short end of the stick. Likely not on purpose but at this point these oversights have gone beyond accidents and are at the realm of gross negligence.

    I hold out to see if they fix this, but if an announcement or official acknowledgement is not made on this soon enough it's just evidence that they did more than just kill the EU server with the merge.

    Frankly absurd that this kind of thing keeps happening over and over.

    Didn't know a Trade Embargo against the UK was a thing lmao

    Maybe they should have hosted the JP server instead :D

  • Ahh, thought im only one.

    But hey, then again im not surprised.

  • ExeedraExeedra Member wonder i cant find it on twitch prime....for god's sake

  • KalachuKalachu Member, Player Council
    edited March 25

    i got it and i'm in the uk

  • @Kalachu said:
    i got it and i'm in the uk

    Did you use a VPN? Whether passive (ZenMate), Antivirus sourced or w/e the case it works to bypass the restriction. If so then that explains it, if not then consider yourself as one of the lucky few who somehow managed to sneak by.

    If you use Tor browser or other things like that it could work too, unless they fixed it already.

  • ShinoruShinoru Member

    what a bunch of monkeys :D

  • LinoCrelierLinoCrelier Member
    edited March 26

    I can confirm that as of the 26th of March, UK claiming seems to be working without need of VPN or IP masking software, but I can't speak for the rest of EU that has been having issues. If anyone from mainland can give an update that'd be great.

  • LinoCrelierLinoCrelier Member
    edited March 27

    Seems like for the rest of EU, Twitch Prime's Action RPG Pack is still blocked. What's a promotion if an entire continent can't see it.

    Who'd have guessed Article 50 had some use lmao

  • TGLFireblastTGLFireblast Member, Player Council

    It's utter bs that twitch prime's Action RPG Pack is not available in Europe.

  • ExeedraExeedra Member

    Well we can hope that this gets resolved somehow...because if this will stay as it is..there could be a big playerloss from europe...

  • NayzNayz Member

    make it available for EU pls :(
    beeing a unique set makes it even worse to miss

  • RukiaRukia Member, Player Moderators, Player Council

    I know it's suck but unfortunately that's the reality. Below is the clip that KitTeaCup explain it on stream

  • RukiaRukia Member, Player Moderators, Player Council

    You can also watch the video log on last stream ( the explain start at about 10 minutes 20 seconds mark)

  • @DFPWT6ECMG said:
    Well we can hope that this gets resolved somehow...because if this will stay as it is..there could be a big playerloss from europe...

    Nothing ever gets resolved with mEmE

  • OpenersOpeners Member

    Southpark trolled a country but EME trolled a continent. Get good lol.

  • Have you tried emailing Twitch support yet cause after watching that video Kit Tea Cup said "it's how Twitch work" also so this is not just something that EME has done, Twitch has a factor in this also. It is poopy that EU is unable to claim but with video proof of two parties involved on the matter try contacting the other party (Twitch) about this also if you must

  • I heard you need a vpn and a US address on the amazon

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