caught in the death State

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So there is this really annoying glitch in Replica in which once in while, if you get killed between the first cursed monument (Tiamat like walls) and Tindalos. You remain alive with 0 life pretty much like a zombie and can't resurrect. Skill will not work but you can move freely arraound tindalos without her even noticing. Only way to get out of this state seems to be leaving stage, but of course that mean losing the entry.
/escape and /return command do not help, nor does using chat commands like /qq or /lol among others.

Anyone knows a way to be able get out of this glitch and force resurrect without leaving stage?

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    try using a Strength Drink or something like that should fix that bug

  • PengyzPengyz Member
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    Taking damage would knock you out of that limbo state. (but this method doesn't apply in this particular case)

    Another way one of my crewmates has mentioned but I haven't tried is - open your inventory and use a potion by right clicking.

    In a sense, you just want the game to forcefully update your current hp values by taking damage/healing.


  • BunnyBunny Member, Player Moderators, Player Council

    Can you show us a screen shot? When you get one can you submit a bug report ticket. That'll help a lot.

  • RieidRieid Member
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    I actually used a luck stabilizer from the inv by right clickiand manage to get away from it. Thanks for all the replies.

    @Bunny will try screenshot if I get it again tomorrow. But is pretty much just the character with 0 life walking and moving arround without being able to use skills.

  • Happens with my teamaets a lot. I just heal them with my Soma and they're good to go.

  • Death State?

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    This happens somewhat frequently within Purification Hell sections.

    Essentially these stages have transition points where it tries to prevent character damage during this transition (As an example older content such as Irina/David subjugation can finish you off during a transition). However this special state does not always sync correctly. Sometimes you can see your HP drop, then jump back up repeatedly. In the worst case scenario your hp is at 0, but you are not truly defeated however the skillbar is locked out, when an event happens to update your status you true HP is restored and you can control things again.

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