Question about what to do with the new +13 gear

Hey, my soma is already full late game gear for a while and i have only my weapon +13. All the other parts are +12 or +11 (trinkets).

My queston is: Can i use this event +13 on a module? Or a new weapon / module will come before the item spires (100 days)?

If I have to upgrade a module to +13, wich one? We will change the single module first or the 2/2?

Thank you in advance.


  • YonggYongg Member, Player Council
    edited March 2019

    Craft one of the planet mods and +13 it, its the mod that will last the longest. Its even still used in KR

  • HimeHime Member

    You can use it on a module, yes, which is what I personally suggest as well. For me, I'd wait for the craftable planet mod(or a droppable hell mod if you're lucky enough) and use it on that, as that's the best standalone mod. You could use the +13 booster on your 2/2, however, Puri mods are going to be replaced with Hoffman down the road. Additionally, you could wait it out and +13 a Hoffman mod.

    Planet/Hell Mods are still being used in KR as their standalone mod to this day, as both Hoffman and BB mods are 2/2, so I think that'll be your best option. Otherwise, I would say BB Core, but we won't get that by the time the +13 booster expires.

  • Thank you! I already have a planet module, ill +13 him! Thanks!

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