Greater Phase Fiber

How do I get more Greater Phase Fiber faster? What's the best place to get them often?


  • lspiratelspirate Member
    edited March 2019

    x60 Greater Phase Fiber - Reward from Crew Dungeon (Stage 2 completed 3 times). Also if You have a lot of normal Phase Fiber, You can convert it to Greater (2:1) if use useless cat/bunny ears/tails e.t.c. like this: "Upgrade any ear from 1* to 2* and after that salvage it to obtain Greater Phase Fiber". There is lot of sources of normal Phase Fiber instead Greater directly (Training programs/Raids, event, story quests, any crew dungeon stages, dim ops nightmares and salvaging drop from Tiamat, Washing Machines, Doppelgangers, 1* salvaging, Lucky Phase Tokens exchange for normal/greater phase fiber, Special Ops Coins exchanging to Lucky Phase Tokens and again exchanges to fibers, e.t.c.) =)

  • Thank you!

  • BunnyBunny Member, Player Moderators, Player Council

    Currently the event dungeon gives a ton of fibers. You can use basic green fibers to upgrade fodder costumes to 2 star and salvage for greater phase fibers. Overall, the best place to get them is salvaging 2 star costumes. Just playing the game will rack you up fibers over time to do this.

  • Thank you! I salvaged 2 star costumes after upgrading them with the phase fibers and got 30 greater phase fibers from each!!

  • and fyi, each pieces will give a different amount of fibers when salvaged.
    accessories will give you 30, gloves and feet will give you 25, weapons, hair, tops, and pants will give you 40.

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