How many achievement points do you guys have across all characters?

Just a bit curious on the progress within the community


  • Currently at 103,380.
    Achievement points by character:

    J: 10710
    Levia: 11280
    Tina: 10640
    Wolfgang: 7185
    Harpy: 8320
    Violet: 8370
    Seha: 7620
    Soma: 4430
    Sylvi: 7575
    Nata: 7860
    Yuri: 7535
    Luna: 4280
    Misteltein: 7575

  • Around 43k.
    It's a nice spot to settle at. Next tier I'd care for is at 60k, so a bit beyond what's reasonable in 3 days.

  • The only one i focused on was Silvy, 10k. But this system will reboot the points, because there is a lot of achiev only black lambs and wolf dogs have. Like using the skill X times and stuff.

    So, lets wait and see.

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