Bai or Levia?

What are some pros and cons between Bai and Levia and which would you pick and why? (need some feedback and opinions on which one to main)


  • RieidRieid Member

    Cant say about Bai since I don't have her (yet) but what I like about Levia:

    -Good Phase force charge speed thanks to summon familiar.
    -Really good mp refill, you can literally have infinite mp if you know how to time dimensional singularity and [Awakened] Tail Whip. This may change in the future when Puri weapons become obsolete, but for now she is fine.
    -Really good aerial fighter. I would dare to say that she can remain on air as much as Yuri if you want and know how. This sadly may change after the skill revamp that is coming soon.
    -A lot of her skill do Back attack, so if you don't like to be aerial, you can still do lot of damage.
    -Snake Signet which is a really good AOE and low cooldown invincible skill which can save your life for most of time.
    -Mumushi Swamp: other aoe with good cooldown and OP.
    -Awakened Hell trap is OP.
    -Some of her skill reset others, which allow her to do a lot of damage and remain aerial, as example: [Ex]Horn Smash and Hell's trap reset [Ex]Fang Stab. This are some of the skill that are gonna be changed soon, so this may end up not being an advantage anymore :(
    -Pretty much all her special Moves are nice, judgement star can fail some times but when it hit does a ton of damage.
    -Not related to gameplay but I like her story and character in general. To be fair the whole wolf dog background feel more mature and serious than Black lambs, but that is just personal opinion.

    If I could think of a few negative things about Levia would be:
    -The nerfs that are coming which I mention before.
    -She used to glitch and get you disconected when using some skills too fast, however it seems naddic fixed this not much long ago so now is harder to get the dc.
    -I feel that she does less damage than other character when not on empowered state mode (could be wrong on this) not that even matter too much considering how easy to get phase force is for her.
    -If you dont know how to time her mp refill skill you may suffer a bit, since she use a ton of mp, this is noticeable before geting puri weapon (yeah, awakened Tail Whip really is OP)
    -Judgement Star is OP but as I said before can fail, specially against enemies that move too much, Wolfgang raid as example.

  • VagathVagath Member
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    My honest opinion is pick the one that has a playstyle that you enjoy the most, because closer's gameplay is inherently repetive and if you don't enjoy playing your character you won't get far. However, in terms of output Bai wins without a doubt. She is an hybrid character that proc ABC damage. Hybrid character generally get a free stat boost, besides she is from Wildhüter team and just like most of them, she gets even more free stats. To top it all off she procs all the condional damage lol.

    Bai is like an outright better version of Yuri. Aside from aesthetics, which is subjective, the only real downside Bai will have is that her costumes will be severely overpriced and that she can't enter Union Arena.

  • BunnyBunny Member, Player Moderators, Player Council

    Play levia since she's available now. Then play bai when she comes out since you want the union lvl buffs. Then pick what you like.

  • 4ane4ane Member

    How good is Bai compared to Levia in terms of PVE? I know Levia is one of the best for PVE but how is Bai in comparison?

  • Levia is waaay cutter and better overal <3

  • Is Bai even allowed to pvp in NA?

  • Lol go for Bai but it will be another half month wait. She has fun abilities.

    PvP Bai is dangerous. Think Kr gave up on her thinking of ways to nerf her abilities. But yeah think she will not be allowed in PvP until Kr is able to come up with some arena patch notes for Bai. But it will take a while as Kr doesn't like focusing on PvP aspects.

    The newer release closers are just map clearers and imagining them in the arena example Seth her FM is lovely and huge.

  • fullmetalonefullmetalone Member
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    @L73HJCNJR3 said:

    Is Bai even allowed to pvp in NA?

    iirc Bai and Seth are unable to PvP in KR Closers, that may have changed though

  • The changes to Levia were buffs, not nerfs. Levia is stronger than she has ever been atm. She has a buff to FM3 in the far future as well which adds chase to it.

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