job good eme

So after playing the game for a bit after the patch i noticed something
because this was not mentioned in the patch notes i was really surprised
the performance of the game greatly increased and dungeons feel so smooth now!
just wanted to thanks enmasse for this great patch o:)


  • to bad everything else is terrible.

  • the game is smoother here too

  • Looks like the memory leak issue on the game is fixed too since I played for 5 straight hours without logging out of the game.

  • Huh my fps doesn't seem much smoother after the update, squads of two people with effects at 0% still tank my fps, especially in puri. What settings are you using to get smoother gameplay?

    On another note, the memory leak does seem to be mostly gone, and it's a marvelous thing to behold. Well done devs/eme!

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