d3dx9_43.dll missing, yeah, another one

So, I'm having this error, and for some reason I can just post in this part of the forum so sorry if it's wrong, I already tried everything, my directx is the last version so far, so there's now way I can update it, I already re-downloaded the game 2 times (1 from steam and the other in the actual game site), the game and the launcher are in compatibility mode and opening as an administrator, so, what I should do now? I even tried downloading the dll missing and puting in the place and nothing, and the support is not being useful too.


  • Having "the last version" of directx doesn't actually solve these problems with games that use older directx, especially dx9.

    After installing the game will prompt you to install the directx, did you try it? You can have both the up-to-date directx AND the directx9 for these games.

    If it doesn't work installing the one prompted by the game installer, try downloading it from microsoft directly, I remember there were 2 dx9, one would tell you have a newer version installed, while the other will install with no issues.

  • Download this. It's the same thing found in the "common redistributables" folder that come with a bunch of Steam games and such. So you most likely already have this somewhere on your computer. You should be able to find DXSETUP.exe. Go ahead and run that. It will install everything in the package, including the .dll you need.

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    You are missing DirectX.

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