Bai Fanart Contest Winners!

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We'd like to congratulate all of the winners, and give you the opportunity to download one of these great wallpapers that they've all created! Each of these winners will be receiving their prize on April 19th following a very special stream. Be sure to check back here every day for the next winner!

Winner #1 - Frostail
Winner #2 - Mhoira
Winner #3 - PinkyTinyPie
Winner #4 - ImGay
Winner #5 - Riasviel
Winner #6 - Temmy
Winner #7 - Lucentia


  • YenraYenra Member

    Will we be notified if we won?Just curious?

  • Frostail has a beautiful art style, I'd like to see the other characters in his/her style.

  • 7 winner's over 7 days. Yup, that's how you give anyone who entered anxiety. Im just hoping I Emailed the credentials correctly. Regardless, Frostail has gorgeous artwork and a fantastic premise. 10/10

  • GelezisGelezis Member

    Why isn't every participant's art posted? Would be really nice to see every piece :smiley:

  • @PhantomVoid said:
    Frostail has a beautiful art style, I'd like to see the other characters in his/her style.

    yeah I agree it would be cool to see other characters in his/her art style

  • YenraYenra Member

    qwq 4/7 I feel so defeated qwq

  • I think this is the last contest for me, yeah some of them are really awesome but not all. It was a spend of time drawings two fanart for nothing is injustice for me.

  • YenraYenra Member

    same,here instead of just teasing us just tell us front and center if we made it or gets frustrating

  • MomoDaakuMomoDaaku Member
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    I really like the look of #1 and #6 (and maybe #5). The others are... Fine I guess, but I'm not a fan of the artstyle.

    Congratulations to all winners.

  • PiccolaPiccola Member

    Omg, the #6 was really breath taking <3

    Nice job! Too bad its just Bai.

  • 6 and #7 are my fav ones out of the bunch, they just look so good

  • I like 1st, 3rd and 6th

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