Closers Indonesian Will Close the Server

I don't know whether this is true or not, I heard from my friend in Indonesian the server closers will be closed on May 23, 2019. Maybe it can be seen from his Facebook fanspage on those who speak Indonesian can you translate.
My friend asked me to ask this in the Closers Enmasse forum, can I open an IP block for the Indonesian region and implement an account transfer system from the Indonesian Megaxus server publishers to Enmasse Server ??


  • i hope u indos have good internet

  • Yeah let in more laggers to make pvp even more fun

  • I don't mind if they join global server. Means a more lively server for us. But re leveling up is gonna be the killer. As people will usually not play again because they don't have geared chars.

    But Asians are competitive so if they are moving as a crew to different server. Expect the crew ranking to be more competitive.

  • HimeHime Member

    I'll ask about the possibility and bring this up to EME. :)

  • Lexy6Lexy6 Member

    if philipines,singapore and malaysia can play on enmasse server why indonesia can't, i mean the the reason they have ip banned because they have their own server and that server will be closed

  • AoiRyuuAoiRyuu Member

    Well enmasse should see it as opportunity and talk it over with naddic I think.

  • @Hime said:
    I'll ask about the possibility and bring this up to EME. :)

    Maybe I have long replied to this Discussion because it was too focused on leveling BAI. I am waiting for the good news for my friends in Indonesia.

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