The problem we should all worrying for and not those stamina thingy

Idk if it has been answered or confirmed in the stream yesterday but are they serious in their statement that there will be no wipe in CBT going to OBT?? IF ever this is the first game that i played that will do that.. The point of CBT is to test things because not all people were lucky to get alpha codes nor try the KR Server.. So how are we gonna test the game like trying out the characters that we want, or designing it to our liking if you will make it a no wipe to OBT?? Thats just fking nuts..

P.S. This is just a minor thing but they "might" make SoD available because i mean they called the SoD in the ace pack as Dark Command Costume.. Who knows they might be wise because from their statement they said "Dark Command costume will not be available in game in any means" but not SoD.. IDK this might just be a trick after all..


  • Yes, CBT will not be wiped. And although I also haven't been apart of a mmo that didn't wipe in CBT, I'm not angry over it. Also I'm unsure if "not all people were lucky enough to get in alpha" is a valid reason now. In the last week(Week 6), alpha was open to EVERYONE as long as they signed up for the wait list. In addition, this news was broadcasted all over EME's social media platforms + forums + stream. That being said (unless if people had some irl duties to attend to vs the game), there shouldn't be any reason why they should've missed that. The only reason I can think of as to why they're not wiping CBT is because we had 6 weeks of Alpha weekends. That wasn't something I personally liked myself, but having two wipes is

    SoD IS Dark Command, as you said. It's not a trick, they just renamed it. It's just how JP renamed its own SoD to a different name. SoD / Dark Command isn't going to be avaliable in the game by any means besides buying the Ace Pack, that's just it. Unfortunate though.

  • Its not enough to test different characters on a single weekend.. I have IRL duties but i play around 8 hours a day and that final Alpha week is just 2 days if im not mistaken.. Yes you may cap your character but how can you try other characters?

  • And besides Why not make it OBT instead of CBT? because CBT has still bugs that we need to test out.. If they wont wipe the CBT then for sure someone will experience bug that may make or break the game..

  • I really can't give you an 100% answer why they decided to do that. I'm still going w/ my reason that they didn't exactly like the fact that we could've gotten two wipes (Alpha + CBT) after such a long alpha. It looks like we'll have a break after CBT to OBT, so maybe they'll be fixing whatever bugs we find and fix localization bugs during the period of the end of CBT to OBT? Alpha was our first phase of finding bugs, which we did. I'm sure there will be maintenances ongoing during CBT period to fix any bugs as well.

  • In my opinion the Alpha by itself was just too long lol i mean i played for 2 weeks to achieve what i could. Since CBT has no new content and it is still up until december i might not play again after a few days. Only if they bust out some contents in-between i hope after those 2 major fuck ups they made they need to speak up or at least give us a reasoning like why the fuck is one of the rare costumes locked behind a 150 dollar bill. After the fiasco with Kritika and now this makes wanna not support enmasse anymore

  • This is kind of a non issue since they're not missing out on too much. It's not like there's any lengthy end game progression they have to do, so they won't really be behind whatsoever. And on top of that, the Events aren't "to die for", so I feel CBT not being wiped isn't a huge issue, and it's better like this so people just don't leave. We can start getting updates sooner, too. So... It's better like this if you ask me.

  • @Natorious said:
    why is one of the rare costumes locked behind a 150 dollar bill. After the fiasco with Kritika and now this makes wanna not support enmasse anymore

    That's the not case anymore. We can craft Dark Command after CBT as usual.

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    It's not really a problem. It's just marketing strategy. As get "access to closed beta" sounds better then "pay for early access".
    The problem it creates, is that paying people get access to game earlier and can practice pvp while others can not. What an unfair game this becomes... boohoohoo... They'r cheating by paying money!!! Boohoohoo!!! Cheaterssss!!!!

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