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For the people who thought Bai could make the game GIANT HAHAH

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Just for the record, I never intend to post something like this, is a bunch of hyped kids arent talking nonsense in foruns in the past months.

Enmasse delayed the Bai release and the "super smart" people flooded the foruns talking about the end of the game and how the release of Bai will save the world and be the game top 1 forever.

Sorry to bring to that 10yo people the truth (and i pretty sure they no longer play the game, but i'll post anyways).

Bai is one of the WORST characteres releases in the game history. WOLFGANG had a better number at the day he was release. And he is on of the less played chars in the game.
And this has nothing to do with the delay. Has to do with GAME CONTENT. A single characteres realese dont do NOTHING to the game. Soma, Wolf, viollet, Tina had a release with good content going on. Bai is not all that people was saying for the childish hype and the numbers dont lie.

We are sitting on 600 players, Soma had 800+ for a very longer time. And the others too. Bai is just a failure. The 25% increase is just because the game was nearly dead on steam last month.

Just learn to understand the game and how it works, before posting 3 months of nonsense in the foruns.
And i'll quit the game untill real content comes. So im only in discord for now. Enjoy your month with a poor and ugly char release and his SA and nothing new to the game. Was all your fault, hyped-1-week player.

Enmasse is doing a great jog, btw. They just used that "smart" people hype. Totaly agreed.

Sorry for the english, i really didnt review my post.

The numbers:


  • You know that people don't play only on Steam, right? And Steam have problem with launcher. a LOT of problems. So most of players use official launcher from EnMasse, without Steam.
    Also, Bai is one of the best characters. Sorry to bring that to you. But it's all differs, because all people have different opinions. But Bai is cute, beauty and really cool in the terms of gameplay. You can call her ugly as long as you want; it won't change people opinions, neither you prove your right.
    It's just bait to get flame on forums, to me. You just insulting people for nothing. It's like saying "Hey, why are you wearing T-shirt? Are you retard?". It's stupid line. lol

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