Wolf and Hoffman trinkets question

A friend found a picture and noticed that the hoffman trinkets have the same border as t3 puri stuff, seeing how wolf has the t1 border once crafted and can be trascended once im wondering:

Do we need the trascended wolf trinkets in order to make the hoffman trinkets? Like is it a next lvl trascendence or used as an ingredient to craft? Trascending the wolf trinkets seems to be quite expensive for how little it gains so id like to know if its needed so I keep grinding reanimators and bugs to prepare for hoffman.

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  • DamianX50DamianX50 Member

    @Ray676 said:
    How it works is that you craft the Base T1 Wolfgang trinkets and then transcend them all the way to T3 Hoffman trinkets.

    T2 to T3 uses the new Hoffman buglumps, the other materials are the same like reanimators, sync genes, stickies, etc. So yes, farming beforehand would benefit you for when Hoffman releases.

    I see, thanks for the quick answer. Guess its grinding reanimators until I fall asleep.

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