[Beginner player] Need some help about item progression.

So I started playing Closers recently, decided to make a Bai and I am lvl82 with iLvL103 (combat power 512,613), mostly because of the time limited gear I got from boxes. https://imgur.com/a/FYjLSoO
I did read some guides, I should have PG75 sets (extreme set I assume?). I have the necessary materials to craft them, I think so thats not a problem after my gear expires. Also do some Irina I read? for the shield?
But what do I do at the purification stage? I read a guide about it, but it left me more confused prior to reading it. I see people run around with cryomancer items, fossic cores, raptor rings etc. Is this craftable? Or does it randomly drop in the purification stages?
The core for example, the fossic core one, does the core drop and do I have to transcend it afterwards?


  • In the purification bosses, cores are droping randomly, you just have to wait until you get core for your character from these stages. (Tindalos, Harpas,etc) Then you have to transcend it ;p

  • Core drops in it’s 1st „form” u need a looot of materials to transcend it to fossic, also it fails a lot of times. And trinkets are craftable iirc

  • Oh okay. Do you have any suggestions on what core I should focus on Bai? and what boss I can get it from?

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    Each char has a core specific to them, and any of the bosses besides Nitocris can drop them.

  • Every character has core and u can get core from harpas tindalos and yod as muryoku said

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    I dig that nickname tho...

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