How do the Unarmored/Heavyweight/Transcendent gimmicks work?

Trying to get one of the hell gear modules and noticed that that seems to be the only difference.
Which one should I get for Bai?
Also, are there any screenshots for the eroded phase fiber costumes you can make from puri ops? Not sure which one to get and it's hard to tell what I'm looking at from just the icons


  • VioletHimeVioletHime Member
    edited June 2019

    You should get the one that buffs damage on transcedant.
    and for costumes i can only help with harphas costume and yod costume.

  • Bosses have a certain armor type that is displayed next to their HP as an Icon. For example the heavyweight icon is a red dimensional monster icon while transcendent is purple square icon.

    The mods will buff damage that increases vs these certain armor types. The general consensus however is that if you only plan on getting one crafted hell mod, make transcendent. Otherwise, make all three so that you have damage buff against each type.

    For example on my Bai I have the Transcendent Hell mod drop and I crafted both Unarmored and Heavyweight to help with speedruns.

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