Question about "Core" drop in Purification Ops

Hello guys
I'm relatively still new to this "Purification ops" and still learning my way around in puri-ops. I was told that i could "farm" cores from bosses in puri-ops but after a week so far i haven't been able to get a single Tindalos core drop for Bai... so i'm wondering if i had missed something.
I'm enjoying the game so far and will continue to do so.


  • Oh! thats nice, Thank you for the heads up.

  • @Ray676 said:
    Hey, Core drops are random unfortunately, so you just have to keep killing the puri bosses til you get one for your character. Two things I can help with:
    1. Cores are the same regardless of boss they drop from. The Bai core you get from Tindalos is the same one that Yod and Harpas drop.
    2. The Disk Event atm has a reward box that guarantees a core for the specific character you open it on if you are having just the most unlucky streak. Costs 150 of the black feathers. Which is 3 runs(3 days) of the hardest difficulty (Myth) Although I don't know if the difficulty effects how many feathers drop as I just do Myth only. Ask around for an event group. The event dungeon is old and very easy to clear.

    Difficulty of the event dungeon does not impact how much feathers you get(I suppose it is that anyone who can enter is able to easily do it)

  • altho i do have 1 more question, is there a difference btw solo boss and raid boss in puri ops drop rate? or is still fairly the same? (out of curiousity)

  • When you do stages as a party you get a item find bonus based on party size. I believe the max is 15%

    General puri notes: There are 3 module sets that are unique to tindalos, harpas, and yod. There is only 1 core per character and it can drop from any of those same bosses. Nitocris has 3 different modules that she can drop with each boosting a different EX skill when upgraded.

    Contamination level will increase the quantity of transcending resources that drop, but AFAIK does not have any impact of the core/module rates. 14 characters and 3 drops for a specific character per boss, so without any other statistic weights that is a 1 in 42 of getting your core per run.

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