Signatures and high tcp on alts - how do you guys do it?

Been playing for quite a while and I just cannot get a full signature nor work on my alts enough to get them anywhere near my main (she has around 1.7m tcp atm while everyone else is in the 200-500k range) How do you guys do it? Bitna all day? If not then how do you afford all the accessories?


  • VagathVagath Member

    From what you describe, i would suggest you that you first funnel all your efforts into your main and forget about alts. When you main is op, you can branch out to other characters. Note that tcp is a very bad way to meassure character strength, dont worry about it.

  • TCP is still a good way to approximate strength between characters.

    I'd say if Player B has 500k more TCP than you, then he's definitely doing more damage than you, even though he has a shitty build.

  • VagathVagath Member

    TCP can easily be inflated/manipulated. For example, you get higher TCP on Violet by getting attack speed or getting Aerial damage on Tina, just to name a few. In the end, the amount of raw, crit damage and conditional damage is all that matters period.(Assuming 100% crit rate which is VERY easily acquired)

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    But by how much? There has to be a ceiling. I seriously doubt AtkSpeed on Violet or Aerial damage on Tina can bloat your TCP more than 500k. And 500k is already when you messed up so miserably. No one messes that bad because anyone who played long enough knows what they're doing.

    Every 1m TCP is a milestone. There's no contest between a 1m vs 2m, 2m vs 3m, and so on, in terms of damage. Most TCP comes from Raw damage, Crit damage and Conditional damage anyway.

    "TCP inflation" is a now defunct argument. Sure it's a good one back in the old days when having 1m TCP makes you a god and a tiny value such as inflation makes a lot of difference in final damage. But now we have people with 5m TCP, which mostly consist of Raw/Crit/Conditionals anyway. So stop worrying about "TCP inflation". Not sure if I'm explaining this concept in the best way but... my point is getting through right?

    Also TCP is "fair" among all characters. What I mean is, for example J. J has a very high Raw damage. Comparing J with another J is easy but how will you compare him to another character, lets say Seha who has a low Raw damage. Instead of calculating with your own hands and guessing what the 'right' numbers are, why not use TCP? The devs already laid them for everyone. They did the math themselves. Save yourself the trouble.

    Saying TCP is "a very bad way to measure strength" is simply ignoring its good points. Like I said it's still a good approximation of strength.

    TL;DR Keyword: Approximation. It's all you need.

    Ciao. Have a nice day. Peace.

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    Next time try giving an actual response to the OP instead of going on a tangent lol.

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    As you progress with more alts you can raid and farm more efficiently netting you more money to spend on either further improvement or costumes (or you can grind for stuff people buy all day like me and afford signatures that way).
    If you're struggling you can always try asking for assistance, asking never hurt anybody.
    And as @Vagath already mentioned, perhaps it would be for the best if you worked on making your main stronger, first. Then again my Wolfgang is at 1.6m, alll I'm doing on him is grinding for money to dress my alts up, so it's literally up to you.

    Making money to gear your alts in costumes takes money which you can grind for easily if you know how to earn.
    Making your alts stronger requires a lot of effort, time and possibly a carry or two (especially with alts as weak as those, sorry).

    Unsure if this will help, feels a bit like I'm stating the obvious, but I'll be glad if it does.
    Also, tcp doesn't have to necessarily measure your strenght if you know what you're doing, an efficient combo beats a button masher with the same tcp. It's mostly just for show/leaderboards imho.

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    From personal experience:

    I currently have only 2 characters with more than 2 millions tcp. I never really cared too much about it to be honest, however I do like to have chars that at least are able to run raids without much problem. Pretty much all my others chars are 750k to 1,2 mill tcp except the few ones that are not max level.

    I don't think that there is much of a secret in how people get super OP characters. As in pretty much all ftp games you either cash a lot or no life the game.

    A few tips I can think about:

    • If you are a cash shop player get Elite platinum. Not only you get more drops and extra entrie to most of dungeons, but you also get a few extra daily reards wich include 1 random box than can give you some really nice items which can be sold for credits.
    • Whatever you are ftp or casher always do Tiamat raid on Asault mode. She is the fatest way to get scavenger chest,
    • Do dopplegangers every day: Even if some days dopplegangers drops may seem kind of useless. There is a big chance that by the end of the run you get an accessory item as drop. This item can be either decomposed into phase fibers or upgraded and then sold. If you have enough phase fibers, you can upgrade those acc. to 2 stars and then sell for a few million credits
    • If you have time and patience do planar gate dungeons at least with your main. Bosses like Alraune, Astaroth, etc. Are good source for gold statues, so you can make a few millions that way. This also a good way to use your other more weak alts. 500k tcp is more than enoug to smoke those dungeons.
    • Try to sell stuff on the black market: Materials like sticky residues or reanimators can be sold for a good amount of credits on the BM. Costumes and accessories are also another good sale.

    Also as a side note: You dont need Signature costume+ acc to get tcp high enough like to survive pretty much everything.
    A few examples of this. Almost all my alts with arround 1 million tcp dont have any signature costume, nor do they have acc sets of any sorts. Most of them just have alf decent purification gear + extreme gear., All this enhanced with free + 12 from game events.

    There is also the few times in which I compared some random characters with my mains and those random people didn't have signature costumes, but actually had higher tcp than me, this mostly due they having way better tunings in their gears than what I have.
    There is also people that have pretty much same gear, costumes and acc as I do, and being same char have like a million more tcp than me, this in part for the same reason: OP tunings. Some of them probably also inflate their tcp a bit by puting skill points where they shouldn't.

  • Thank you for your answers everyone! I read through all the comments and will, first of all, put as much effort into my Violet as I can in my spare time. I'm not elite yet but I'll still run through tiamat, doppelgangers and planars when i can

    i apprecite everyone's replies

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