Pre-Puri Gear and some other stuff

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Hello I'm kind of a newbie when it comes to infos regarding the game (played like a few days and quit when violet was released)
So as of the moment my Seha is level 80 with Crater core +11, seha disaster set, super pg set and the seha special agent card.

  1. I've seen people say go Irina 3/3 + David 3/3 + Extreme 4/4, but I'm confused since that leaves me with 1 module slot. Which module would you suggest using (for phys, psi, and hybrid pls for future references) :wink:

  2. There's also this set: Extreme 4/4, David 2/3 (Amplifier+Module), and this 5/5 Hunter's Night set. Would you say that this set would be superior to the one above? I've taken interest in the HN Set because it doesn't cost credits, only 1 reanimator each item and a few other materials (unlike the irina/david set requiring 1m+ credits each item plus those sticky residues :'( ) ~~~ Picture added for the set bonus of 5/5 Hunter's Night.


Also when will Swords & Girls Tokens disappear? How 'bout Mad Tokens? Closers Coin #5?


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    Ideally get 3/5 of Hunter's Knight (weapon,mod, one trinket) + PG75(Extreme) + 3 Disaster gear (2 trinkets and raw mod). If you have the resourses and want to go a step further, replace disaster gear with 2/3 irina trinket(ring and neck) + david mod.

    You can check dates on the patch notes post.

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    This is my general "pre-purification" setup. Note some characters will have specific alterations for Best-In-Slot
    Core: David
    Module: David, Extreme, Crater
    Amp: David
    Trinkets: 3x Irina, 3x Extreme
    ilvl : ~105

    Purification has the trinket sets (purple, green, red) that start as 6 pieces total and eventually upgrade into 3 pieces (fill other slots with irina/extreme). The upgraded purification core and nitocris amplifier are still best in slot.
    Purification modules are debatable, some people use the hoffman drops (german sounding names).

    ultimately the extreme trinkets are replaced with the wolfgang=>hoffman trinkets.

    Ilvl is the current gate for a lot of content. 115 for Hell, 125 for Overflow/Overflow reverse, 130 for current endgame raid.

    Edit: Also don't neglect your PNA, I've seen far to many people with ilvl 130+ but clearly lacking stat boosts from them.

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    There is ZERO reason to get david core. Hunter's Night core is free from a quest, they have the same ilvl and practically the same stats. Same thing with crater mod, ZERO reason to get it, it is way too expensive and Hunter's Night mod has higher ilvl and it is drastically cheaper with better stats. I would urge to not spread incorrect advice to new players if you dont know what you are talking about.

  • I've been able to get the 3/5 HN Set for now since Extreme set's materials just won't drop from pg75 :| However, i quite agree with the expensiveness of some of the items. Thank you for your answers :)
    I have a few other questions tho:

    1. I don't seem to know where the quest for david's raid is, do i need to complete the area of Union Division HQ to get it?
    2. Do bosses drop accessories? I'm leaning towards those cool eye lens from a boss
    3. What are the color labels of the puri gear? People say stuff like "tindalos" but it's not written in the name of the modules.
    4. Where do I get "D Coins" ?
    1. You have to complete the main missions to David.
    2. Bosses have a low chance to drop effect wings and eyes pertaining to the boss. David can drop Judgement phase wings and Judge's eyes.
    3. Purple/ Harsp = Tindalos
      Teal/ Larin = Harpas
      Red/ Dobon = Yod
    4. I think at level 83 you get a mission in Dimensional Ops to go to Fantasy World: Dream Theater.
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