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With the new avatars...

I'm wondering what and why you picked this 1

I was debating whether I wanted Zenith Nata or Natasha, but I just love Zenith Nata's design a lot so like yah XD


  • I not see zen bai or cyber for others characters.

  • I was waiting for some good tina avatars so

  • shame there's none for Anna :-(

  • Bai's currently my main and favorite character.
    Adore her dark command hair and eyes.

    Very pleased with the avatars update.

  • DantisDantis Member

    Because it's hilarious

  • Wolf's avatars looked weird, ngl I've wanted his SA/Zenith portrait since..forever tbh, sure feels like it.

    Very very happy to finally see it as an option. Wolf aside, all of them are cute or funny. Thanks, EME


  • I always wanted to be Count Dickula D.

  • Cuz dr. Gremory rlz ^_^!

  • J Main, Levia Main, Will be Seth Main. If you see me with any avatar pertaining to those characters.

  • Enjoying the heatwave lads?

  • Tonfas best weapon (Used to play Talim in Soul Caliber)

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