paranoid could someone ease it for me!!!

hello everyone, new to the game. Would love to try it though I read a lot of posts about people saying the game is dead etc... so, is it truly dying/dead or people just love to complain?


  • NegumikoNegumiko Member
    edited July 2019

    it is still active, I play on channel 5 Guro Station the most and there are always a few players around. we always have our highest population when a new character comes out. the next new character will be released in August and a new team of 5 characters is already planned.

    now as for the gameplay itself it starts out fairly easy and a lot of the story is done solo. once you get to lvl 55 you are introduced to the PNA lvling system, at lvl 67 how to chip your gear, at lvl 75 PNA Evolution system, at lvl 85 the current lvl PNA Amplifier system that is when things get a bit more complicated. late game content like pvp and raids is when you will actually play with other players more. should also look for a guild/crew if you want to talk to more players and find parties to raid with easier.

  • I love the game a lot but, when people start complaining every day with "game is dead" it pushes me away and makes me paranoid that my money will go in like a week in the dumpster

  • Ray676Ray676 Member

    Find an active crew so you'll have people to play with everyday and make new friends too. Game isn't dead just niche like Tera and Elsword. More than enough population to have a playable game

  • VagathVagath Member

    I play everyday and i have yet to see someone who said "game is dead" lol. I would guess that comes from the people that play PvP. The game is not exactly thriving, but it is hanging in there for now.

  • this what we should implement in people's mind to encourage new players to join. Thank u guys for being positive about the game!!! question; its ok if I renamed the game's folder from Launcher to Closers? no ban or anything related right?

  • HadasyHadasy Member

    There shouldn't be any problem with that, it's just the name of the install folder, you get to choose those.
    Just that EME's Launcher can host more games than just Closers. Could get confusing later on.

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