Divine Battle Final Contribution Rewards

I cant seem to find where the final reward for the divine battle is collected from.
I thought it was via parcel but I dont recall receiving this. Can anyone shed some light on this for me ?


  • its on the left corner, this little image of magra/dogra.

  • Im sorry, still lost here.
    Screenshot please

  • I cant, cause I already took it

    There should be tiny gift next to magra/dogra image, maybe you take it already?

  • Im looking for the rank reward.
    not sure if I uploaded that right.

  • MirMir Member

    You need to use keyboard UI, gamepad UI don't show it.

  • Gamepad UI gettin' neglected as usual. :^)

  • @ShadeNightz said:
    Gamepad UI gettin' neglected as usual. :^)


    Thank you Mir. Also I just realized I never collected my rewards for the last divine battle lol.
    Seriously considering using keyboard ui just because its so much cooler. At least I can still use gamepad but feels weird when you look to see whats on cd lol.

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