08/13/2019 - "Trigger Gear Update" Patch Discussion

Feel free to discuss the newest patch, Trigger Gear Update, right here! Here are some key features of this update:

  • The newest gear system, Trigger Gear, has arrived.
  • Yuri's face has been updated!
  • The end of Suns Out, Guns Out brings you tons of great items, all for free!

For the full patch notes, please visit HERE.

We look forward to hearing what you think!


  • @BearShoes said:
    We look forward to hearing what you think!

    I think the eternal lack of pbm has left me wallowing in despair :disappointed:

  • MynoodlesMynoodles Member
    edited August 2019

    Oh great I accidentally salvaged my quest-obtained trigger on my Luna... flips table

    Didn't know it automatically gets added in quick salvage. Thought it was the same as epic puri gears since it's rare/useable.

  • Yuri's new face is amazing...

  • Triggers drop rate is so bad,why the drop rate is so low,there are 4 differant sets,this will take forever :/

  • @Ray676 i understand that,but its so strict,like the trigger drop is stuck on the char drops it,you cant seal it and move it to another char or sell on BM or gremory box,i think its too much,atleast it should be like mods,i do 6 chars oofman and wg everyday and i havent gotten a single one

  • One of the aspects i enjoy from the game is that it is heavly focued on crafting. For most things, you just gather the materials and craft the item and be done with it. For triggers, it is really frustating that there isnt anything to offset bad luck with drops. Besides, they could have added them with the Hoffman update...

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