The latest failure aka trigger gear

What's the point of triggers when their drop rate is nonexistent? They aren't tradeable, aren't transferable, aren't craftable. There are 4 sets of them, all active effects are laughable but you can't even make use of the passive bonuses because they are for some idiotic reason rarer than wg/hoffman mods.


  • Welcome to a korean developer game. By the way triggers are a huge dps increase, up to 9% more phys/mag from just tunes makes them worth your time.

  • its hot garbage drop rate yea,it is nowhere near fine

  • @Ray676 said:
    I've gotten 4 drops so far. Seems fine to me. Would be okay if they were craftable, but honestly they seem fine.

    Ayy the classic 'it drops for me so it must be fine' line. Well too bad you being the special snowflake doesn't change the fact that triggers have terrible drop rate with no way of circumventing the rng.

  • I think they may do them tradeable at some point, after all there is a trigger section in the black market. But yeah I agree that the drop rate seems to be worse than Hofman mods and probably worse than Atena gear.
    So far I got one drop in my Levia, but this doing Hoff/Wolf raids in 7 chars every day, and of course I probably just got lucky. Now I went back to do those raids only on 2 chars since I don't have the patience and time to waste in that.

    The main problem I see with this trigger system is that they should had make different grade triggers, make purple ones craftable or as semi rare drops (something in the range of those vitus/mephisto fragments) and make gold ones super ultra rare drops as they are now.
    Or if that was too OP, maybe do some even more low tier green or blue grade triggers as common drop and the purple ones as they are.

  • This is the way i look at it. When they introduced Hoffman, asuming you had T1 WG trinkets, you had to get 315 bugs(503 + 553) which took you roughly 40 days(315/8). With that in mind, expecting to get a full set off triggers in less time than that, is just setting unrealistic expectations. It is been only a week, I think you are a bit dramatic to call it a "failure" at this point.

  • dude hf trying to finish the set with that low drop rate on 1/12 chance to get your last piece,it would be fine if they were BM sellable or atleast gremory box them,like the modules,i dont think he is being dramatic its bullshlt

  • VagathVagath Member
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    I think it just goes in line with everything else in the game. Everything thus far has always been a lengthy and repetetive grind. This is no exeception to that. Besides, if you have been keeping up with the game, unless you are into playing dress up or do everything all over again on another character, there isn't anything else to do lol. Don't get me wrong, I would much rather that there was another way to obtain them, but it just won't change. Now lets be honest, the next grind for Beelzebub triggers is not exactly a saving grace. It is also very RNG dependant, but one might argue that is an improvement from our current system.

  • I'd agree with Vagath if it wasnt for the fact that its rng, meaning that most people are not finishing this set. You can farm all you want but if the game decides your never gonna see a drop, you're just screwed.

    rng like this is why i quit dfo, endgame was all about epics before they finally (after years of complaining i add) changed it from the travesty of a rng system they had in place.

    They should be craftable via a special material for people who just get screwed by rngesus.

  • the reward trigger gear in the quest alone are definitely non tradable/bmable, and the corresponding trigger drops from raids should be bmable and not to mention why is it so hard to tune them? wasting tons of equalizer just getting C-tuned wtf?

  • I think in general they've tweaked(lowered) the RNG with the hoffman patch, but that's most likely just me(for everything drops, tunes, etc). 2040 Reanimators per character(whether you bought or grinded it out) and then to RNG gear afterwards doesn't feel good as well as all of this coming after the transcendence dance. Btw, the game being by insert developer doesn't mean they have to consistently be trash or make dogshit decisions, lmao.

  • Costs less Reanimators for each character after another :smile:

    Honestly the pre-investigation triggers may as well not exist, basically pointless.

  • okay, but i've been doing OC everyday since this update on kr and still no drop 😆😆

  • Why do you bother? Seth is next week :O!

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