Speed stat and cast time

Hi, i have this question, when we use an skill, we have the cast time, and then the cooldown time, for the cooldow ntime we have a stat to reduce, "Skill Cooldown Reduction" with the 40% hardcap.

For the cast time, ¿the speed attack reduces the cast time?, ¿or other stat that can reduce the cast time?



  • Attack speed affects the actual speed of the attack. Some cases, like Violet, don't benefit as much from Attack Speed however.

  • violet dont benefit from attack speed at all it doesnt exist for her
    as for attack speed it make cast and skill go faster,tho not everything is affected by attack speed, for example yuri "suppresing fire" dont benefit from attack speed,there are some skills that dont benefit i dont know them all but you can test it

  • GyfuGyfu Member


    Thx!, i'll test the skills, will be little slow because the skills don't tell us the cast time, but knowing this helps a lot.


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