Disappearing Items?

I'm not sure where to post this but ever since my Seha leveled up to 40, I hurriedly opened the level up box then logged out my game because I was already very sleepy. Fast forward to today and when I checked my consumables inventory there was no level up box present. I don't remember deleting anything. I just opened the box and then logged out. Did it just glitch out and disappear?


  • If its the same box I remember, when you open one at a specific level it gives you a new one at a higher level. However at some point they stop giving you new ones. Additionally often items of these natures are "Time limited" and will have a green border and a count-down time listed. After they expire they will automatically disappear.

    As you were sleepy, perhaps you may have moved it into your character bank?

  • Pretty sure the lvl 40 level up box is the last one you get.

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