is this game worth playing ?

Hey guys I just left this game 2 years ago and saw it now accidentaly so I am wondering do I come back and play it ? Do you think I it's worth coming back ? or a time squander ?


  • In my humble opinion. I just started being dedicated to the game, Since my baby is coming out tomorrow. Granted there is an "Easier" alternative but its dead. However the game seems to be a bit active as much as this genre can be. I find it pretty fun for what it is. Its a good time killer if you just want to just like, struggle in a anime game. Its all dependent if you like the game or not. Me personally I just play with my one friend and I dont really have anyone to talk to in game so I dont know.

  • If you like this kind of games and/or you like characters in this game then yeah, it's good to play, but don't expect too much from it, it's just simple beat'em up. Nothing more nothing less.

  • if you like anime and single player online games it could be if not well you can say it isnt worth

  • honestly i found switching to channel 28. a whole bunch of people are on there. when people say the server is dead. i don't think they know what channels to get on to find bunch of people. it is active. you just gotta check out the channels to see where everyone hangs out. plus there's been some changes. some good some bad. some updates they promised have yet to appear but i know they are in the works. just gotta be patient. Bai was released back in April. now Seth is finally here. some characters have task force. so more power and skills to use. other taskforces is coming soon. another raid update coming soon. can't expect everything to just drop at once. too many people impatient. the game can be grinding. you just gotta pick a character or two or more and just go with it. find who you like to play and get to cap work on end game gear. make some friends. get in a crew. and i think you'd enjoy it. i been playing since open beta. and i like it. i do tend to take a break or two. playing other games. I also play with controller more than keyboard as i find it more fun that way. you just gotta give it a shot. try some or all the characters. check out all the channels to find people. when you find an area usually end game like puri or hunters night is where most people tend to hang out i think. its worth a shot. in the end if you don't like it. its okay. its not for everyone.

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