Which Costume Packs can I use for Seth?

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I have some costume packs I've saved for a long time and I'm wondering which of these would definitely work.

I have the following:
-Steam Collector's Edition (I assume this one works since this was in the updated packs list)
-Zenith Special Box (This is an old box)
-Visual Slot Expansion Set (I assume this works since this is just a slot expansion)

I've seen my 1-Day packs and they read "Unusable" so I assume I cannot use them on Seth but the Zenith Special Box shows the contents of the package. I'm mostly asking for a confirmation if these would get me items from either or both packs if I used them on Seth.


  • fullmetalonefullmetalone Member
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    Iirc unless they show the contents inside the boxes you can open them on Seth

    Edit- for example, I saved a 10/10 Zenith box I got from Conversion Bitna last month and I was able to open it up on Seth

  • All three of those boxed works on Seth. As Fullmetal said, unless if the box says "Unusable item", then it can be opened on her.

  • I see, thank you very much.

  • IcchanIcchan Member
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    So I opened up one of my Zenith Special Boxes and I apparently got [Transcendental Elixir] x11 and nothing else. I took some screenshots checking the costume locker, the costumes tab in my inventory and the system chat but that seems to be all I got out of it.

    When I used the box, it rapidly displayed the icons of items like when you open a box but nothing else was there.

    If it means anything, the icon of my Zenith Special Box used to be different, used to looks like a sort of yellow gift box with an orange ribbon and sparkles but the icon now just looks like a green striped gift bag. It's been a long time since I've bought these and I had two of them so I'm very very unsure about using my second bag now.

  • After my hysteria died down and now I'm calmer, I think I may have mistaken said box for something else and the one I used was the gacha box one.

  • You would be correct, the Zenith Special Boxes are the gacha ones where you have a chance of getting Zenith amongst other goodies

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