I didn't get the 500 EMP from leveling Seth

Ok, so I leveled her up to lv67 which was the level required to get the 500EMP, by somewhere around 21th September. And the "challenge" (I don't know the name for it) was until 23th September.

I still haven't got the 500EMP, is it normal? Does it have a specific date that we all will get it, or is it just for me?

Please help, and I'm totally new to the forum, I made a forum account just for this, so if i made a mistake on where to post it or whatever, sorry I guess


  • the 500 EMP is usually sent to players on the Friday after the event ends so you will likely get it Friday September 27th.

  • KreiserKreiser Member
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    event notices
    EMP rewards will be distributed on Friday, September 27 to players who have successfully reached level 67 with their new Seth character.

  • ffs, really, it seems people fails at reading comprehension so much this days

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    Topic closed. EMP rewards will be distributed on Friday, September 27

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