Void Els refugees are coming, look presentable people!

Give it a shine to those old costumes, don't tell them about how much of a bro David Lane is, swipe the transcendence system under the rug, don't let Harpas come out of his cage and make sure it that our desperate yearning for new players doesn't show in your faces.

Now just smile and wave boyz and gals, smile and wave.


  • i see no issues with this

  • Smile and Waving Intensifies

  • wakuwakuusagiwakuwakuusagi Member
    edited October 2019

    @Ray676 said:
    If you play Rena ur cool, everyone else is welcome to be on my block list.

    Rena was but a replacement, a mere attempt to fill the all reaching void that were our weeping hearts since the day GC went to s**t.

    Deep inside we are all Lire players, and we always will be.


    EDIT: By the way, the next team should be like the Suicide Squad, and we would only get past bosses reborn and turned to the good side. Shia, Irina, David, Camila and Kalbach best team ever. Let's call them the Reformed Snakes.

  • if theyre in the production of a gunslinger character next, i dont doubt a dedicated archer will soon follow

  • If Irina had a clone and was a playable character, I'd play her

  • Irina too OP to be playable <<

  • @CerealXKiller said:
    Irina too OP to be playable <<

    *Seth laughs in doggo"

  • Yes let me play as Irina-Onee-chan.

  • Didn't expect to see this here, welp.
    "Void Els refugee" here.
    Thanks for the smiles and waves but I've experienced Closers before, I know the dirties.
    LF> WG skill build/guide tho.

  • Sure, i'm just gonna block all these private server scums with a smile :)

  • Oh I forgot

    Welcome all Els players to Closers.

    I hope you guys enjoy the game and have good moments here.

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