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First off, hello all! Former Void player like a good number of people and made my return about a week ago or so and only now created an account for here.

Second off, I know every character gives a certain effect once reaching a certain level such as Violet giving 2.5% item bonus chance at 20 and it increasing as she levels up. What I would like to know is if it is worth capping everyone to get all the bonuses or not to bother and just focus on the main character I will want to play as?

Thirdly, let's say I am playing Seth, do I naturally get Seth's bonus +11% chase damage or not because I am playing as Seth?

Finally, I hate Hoffman's raid.


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    most of the buffs are better for min-maxing later imo, just play the character you enjoy. If you really want to level character for the buff, I'd say prioritize on

    • raw dmg buff (Seha, Luna, Wolfgang-well it's not raw dmg but trans dmg is pretty useful for endgame)
    • then useful buff for min-maxing (Sylvi, Mistel, Yuri), if you have some extra % from these buffs, you can spend less tune/PNA for
    • the rest are usually ABC buff which helps but you can tune for them easily
    • Violet's buff is on its own cuz it's pretty useless in general cuz the x% for rare drops is pretty much nothing lol

    Not sure about the 2nd answer but I think characters will get their own buff as well (as my yuri atk speed seem to be in line with my Luna, Yuri's buff give atk speed). Don't take my word on it though

    about HM raid, it's super easy if you know how to combat dodge, this might take a while to learn but it's def worth your time. And yeah laggy people (your dodge don't work 100% of the time) / full 4 people group for HM (he do switcharoo/people run into the grab after some1 else already perfect-dodged it) is kinda annoying. 2 man HM is much easier to do although not as fast

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    If I recall correctly, you don't get the teamwork buff of the character you're playing as (e.g.: Seha's teamwork buff is 350 Phys/Psi raw at lvl 80. Your other chars get that buff but he doesn't). Also, you can see the available teamwork buffs for the char you're playing as when you click the icon with their team mascot.

  • What is Void?

  • The character's teamwork buff does not apply to the character you are playing. Even if you have two Seths, Seth will not get her own teamwork buff.

  • From order of importance in terms of team buffs.

    Seha > Luna > WG > Every ABC conditional > Yuri > Violet > Sylvi / tein last / most useless.

    Reasoning being everyone up to Violet has no real cap in the stats they increase, whilst Tein raises penetration which caps at 100% and is easy to get from combining your penetration and abc penetration (proper platinum chips in your gear achieve this). Sylvi's is cooldown reduction which hard caps at 40% and is easily obtainable if you have proper pna and tunes by the end.

    To the 2nd part, the char you're currently on does not receive their own benefit even if you make duplicates.

  • Mistletein isn't the most useless though. If you want ABC penetration to add to your damage calculation then you have to execute all of them in battle to fully utilize 100%. Meaning if you're only doing Air Strike then only Air penetration plus your base penetration will apply. Mistletein adds base phy/psi penetration which is really good. Also, you're going to farm those amp/dual platinum for a really long time and you can only focus on one character so it benefits alts too. Violet and Sylvi are the only teamwork buff that I can confidently call "totally useless".

  • Thanks for the advice everyone!

    Trying to level up Seha at the moment. Think the order I will do it is Seha > Luna > Wolfgang > Sylvi > Levia > Milistein > Yuri > Tina > Soma > Bai > Nata > J > Harpy > Violet. I already have a capped Seth thanks to the former event giving me a good reason to cap her. Reason I have Sylvi harder than others is because she is already in the 50's from my past runs so yeah, easier to cap than others.

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