How to determine pricing for Boss weapon mat drops?

So during my leveling process, I came across a few of the items that are needed to make certain boss weapons, but it seems they can't be sold on the black market since the pricing is marked at 0 for both Max and Min Pricing.

Is there a good way to figure out how much one could buy them for from another player if it's not possible to buy/sell them on the Black Market? David/Irina's fragments, Black Bio-Armor Fragment, Anna's Ribbon, Maximus Exoskeleton are what I currently have/need to get more of.


  • As far as i know of, any item tradeable on the black market should not have min/max price of 0. It looks like that is a bug. To know whether it can be traded with another player, take a look at the bottom left of the description. It must be blank for it to be personal traded. If it has any words in red then no.

  • I would say 1m top for Irina/David. I'm sure you will find people selling them for less since craftable boss weapons usually go for 40m or less on BM (that's mats + fibers + seals).

    For the other mats it's easier to just farm them. On closers day with stabilizers it should be pretty fast.

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