Question about your +14/+15

To anyone who's successfully enhanced anything to +14 or +15, what day and time of day was it? What method did you use?
I'm not really searching for patterns or trying to ascribe method to the madness of RNGesus, I'm just genuinely curious of the experience of others.

I've managed to enhance to +14 three times and +15 one time.
The +15 happened last Saturday morning at around 5:00 am (+13 + EBII and GBIV yolo in one roll)
One +14 happened that same Saturday around 7:00 PM (+13 + EBII and GBIV yolo in two rolls)
One +14 happened last Friday at around 4:00 PM (+12 + EBII and -1GB in one roll)
One +14 happened months ago on a Saturday night around 8:00 PM (+13 + Fortifier and GBIV in four-ish rolls)

I'd love to hear your stories if you recall them!


  • Uhhh I don't recall the exact day + time for mine, I just know my +15 was sometime late last December evening time.

    I've been trying for a while(up in the thousands EB2s), and constantly got +13s -> break, +12 -> +14, +14 -> reset or break.

    Then I was just using my usual enhancement tries and got a +12 to a +14. I was going to use a fort but my crewmate said to use an EB1. At that point, after waaaaay too many failures to count, I just said "yeah sure", not thinking it would work. But it DID work, after one try. Now I only pray to EB1s.

    The end.

    Can't wait to do this all again when we get BB :^)

  • Also, sorry I posted this in the wrong place :#

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  • i'm so scared of trying to reach +14/+15 that i'm just sticking around with +13. help

  • Bai +15
    Enhanced my first Puri core to 14 through multiple dummy attempts, got a second one and decided I was doing too much damage and T5'd the second core and left it at 10 to practice rotations with.
    One day decided I was bored and tried enhancing it, 13 > 14, used eb1 and it 15'd.

    Bai's +14 mods
    Constant fortifiers since they weren't dummy mods and I wanted to preserve them.

    Seha +14
    Had four +12 GB boosters to waste, used all four and the fourth with an eb2 and GB4 pushed it to 14.

    Seth +14
    See above.

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    @Disposessed said:

    Who did you get 15 on?

  • @FMLLL9RG3A said:

    @Disposessed said:

    Who did you get 15 on?

    Seth :)

  • Totally forget about the day & date, here's my experience about it

    a) was yoloing fortifier at +13 core on sylvi, -1 on first try, feelsbadman(that time eb2 were still 3m each at BM), then just yolo a -1 GB and EB2, boom, first +14 core
    b) Tein one was intense, 500 eb2 tries, gave up, then decided to yolo his +13 T5 core, 3 forties and boom
    c) Violet core @ about 40eb2 + 14 forti tries on dummy core
    d) Yuri core @ 200eb2 , got up +14 from +12

    Beezlebub raid core do drop dummy core too right? :/

  • only 1 +14 so far. will try again on BB core.
    was for my violet and took around 1k EB2.
    ended up getting it with +1 from +13 with eb1. :#

  • Just after we got HN.
    Tried to twice on my Levia with a Fortifier & GB4 at +13.
    Got +14 on the second try. Lookin like the only one I'll ever get.

  • Thank you, everyone.

    I know I said I wasn't looking for a pattern here, but I really can't help but notice one. It appears that more often than not, +14 and above tends to happen in either one shot or about four. It really makes me reconsider doing thousands of rolls attempting to reach it. It appears to be a matter of either it's going to happen or it's not, and we have little if any control over the outcome, regardless of how many mats and credits we wish to burn through.

    RNGesus works in mysterious ways, indeed.

  • 1 +15
    8 +14

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