I cant open the game

When I open it, it says "logging in", and then after like 2 minutes it justs closes. Nothing else. Is someone else experiencing this, or know what is causing it?


  • RieidRieid Member
    edited November 2019

    Same here, it was fine like an hour ago for me. I had to restart computer due windows trolling me and now cant login anymore.
    They seem to be aware since there is a notification on the launcher.

  • Same for me... The game kickme at 4:00 PM cz my net sukx, then i take a shower and when i came back i got the issue

  • "We are aware of issues surrounding new logins and purchases within Closers at this time. We are working to resolve this as soon as possible, and will update the community with any news we may have on the matter. Thank you for your patience!"

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