Would you consider buying this years Black Friday sales?

Just a bit of context for those new to the game or not playing the game during last year November, last year's Black Friday deals were great. There was a deal of 990 EMP where it would give you 80 Performance Fabric Treatments, 20 Performance Fabric Relaxers and a bunch of different fibers. Needlessly to say, some people bought more than a couple of those packs (1 guy I knew bought like 100 of them :'). Compared to last year's sales, this year's deals seem a lot more not worth. I get that SS tunes just came out but even so, comparing the value of last year's and this year's tuning deals and the other deals that are also on sale just seem super lackluster and not worth it. Therefore, I also wanted your opinion. Would you consider buying this year's deals in consideration or without consideration of last year's deals if you had the money to do so?

Would you consider buying this years Black Friday sales? 45 votes

Yes, I would buy these deals no matter what.
0% 0 votes
Yes, but I'd be pensive about it/wouldn't buy too many as I don't trust the rates.
11% 5 votes
No, these deals doesn't seem worth at all.
88% 40 votes


  • Nothing they offer is any good.
    I bought the eleven dragon box deal, which I regret very much. I got +12, +13 boosters, some rainbow things for purification, platinum screwdriver and other nonsense. None of which had the set or parts of it.

  • None of the packages gives a complete deal that caters to what they are trying to sell.

    BF All-in-one Support Package - who needs hypers, Superior D Fabric Treatment and +13? Especially when you have BB coming up, SS tunes to chase for and the chance for +14 in another package.

    BF Costume Tuning Special Package - funnily enough, its more worth to buy 21 Superior D Fabric Treatment Special from EMP shop directly than it is to buy this package which only gives 15. Superior D Fabric Treatment is nice to have but people want SS tunes not S tunes.

    BF Costume Tuning Random Box - only 2/4 items is worth it and out of those 2, only 1 gives a chance for SS tunes. Too much rng with this package. For a player chasing SS tunes or a newer player its not worth trying for this at all.

    BF Gear Booster Random Box - This going to be the worth maybe 1 or 2 tries because i dont believe the rates will be good. However, from a cost to benefit perspective, this is probably the most worth it package but I would rather this be double the price but only give +13/14.

  • I was hoping for some good deals like Visual Costume unlocks for 500 emp (like when Bai was release), Bank/Inventory expansions, maybe some Draconian Chests more cheaper, A good Elite deal, i literally saved my emp/cash for this year deals.

    But welp we got more Pets(like anyone need pets now? i mean we have good deals in game BM), SS Tunes that... i know, they´re the new thing but lets be honest only the top rank players need this, a 990 Emp +12/+13/+14 Booster a.k.a a 90% +12 Booster box, a good Washing machines deal <3 , and a 9990 emp/100$ deal of things that maybe you already have a bunch of that and a Draconian Box :( I´m kinda disappointed tbh.

    And really a Zenith 10/10 for the 250$ deal? why not i dont know Draconian that´s the new thing or Fallen/DC?, at this point i think that everyone have or had Zenith, now its kinda inexpensive, i know that is a "free" 10/10 Signature set, and they were not obliged to give anything away for that, but... really Zenith?

  • I was hoping for maybe a better/more affordable 11 Draconian Bundle (around $50 USD) to be in the Black Friday Deals but when I saw the Deals there is nothing of True Monetary Value for me in them so i'll more than likely pass on everything this year

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