Canadian Server, Enmasse, Korean Server and Updates

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Did you know that a Canadian server will be coming out?
Compared to the korean server, Enmasse AKA World server treats us like trash. few examples of this is World server being 10 times more expensive than korean server(1 gacha in world = 11 gachas in korean server and that's with the better bitna gachas), credit sinks being more, Korean server giving away +14 boosters like candy, full sets in the store for 15-25$, faster updates, better rewards on the events and way more.
Korean server got their first +14 on this current rice fields event and guess what we're getting: nothing. nothing worth spending your time on. we also havent been given a free awakened tiamat, they still give us only a +12/+13 box per month. closers world doesnt give you options of buying the full set from store like the korean closers, there is no private bm despite players wanting it for months and they delayed beelzebub to the point where it doesnt make any sense at all. You can only +17 lv85+ gear and we have lv83 gear aka purification. giving players the enhancement revamp that involves beelzebub gear before giving beelzebub raid is one of the most stupid decisions I've ever seen. Despite most of the active playerbase complaining about all these problems, saying they want content, better rewards, better sales these are the results:
Beelzebub gets pushed back to the point where its stupid
black friday sales are worse than last year's sales, there hasnt been any good things at all
gap between closers korea and closers world opening up even more
2 Months ago, Rockyroad told me that the gap between closers world and closers korea was 6 monnths. 2 months have passed and you didnt do anything. you have 4 months to release 5 raids: Beelzebub, Misook(A10 Chapter 1),Purification V2,Beelzebub V2, Maid(A10 Chapter 2). good luck
With this its been shown that EME and Naddic clearly doesnt care about their playerbase, what they want and they are just going to go on their pace until the server dies out. Despite the outrage on Task force Nata patch discussion and players literally begging for updates on discord, bear saying he is working on it, enmasse staff telling us Singlebear and BearShoes trying to work something out, nothing really changed.
Naddic shows us that they only really care about their own server(Korea) by releasing the Canadian server despite Canada being a part of north america, enmasse being the world server (EU and NA). there might be some competition on Canada VS World server.
on the bright side, Korean closers are giving away perma signature sets, +15 boosters, 300 washing machines and 5 character levelups. I'll just go there if enmasse keeps being like this

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  • Please give me a link to the CND server; after reading 12.9 patch notes, I want off EME's wild ride.

  • E X T R E M E M I L K I N G
    They really don't care at all. Held up their playerbase this long just to release a bunch of absolute scam packages. Really disgusting behavior :(

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    That was the reason why I left this server. the event they had elsewhere as newbies months ago was the best thing they did (box team planer gate +14 for 30 days , Task force Queen of Hearts and already up to date with the 15 closers and the opening of Busan), now that of the Canadian has me curious, it will be to give him a little pass when he leaves.

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  • Is it true? Or is it just a gossip?

  • Where did you hear about a Canadian server?

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    you can also try HappyTuk and **** servers. but it is up to you . me, myself used to play in KR Nexon (original server) and the Steam Version (en masse server) cant blame them though. but i get used to it because i live in SEA area.

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