Winter updates for KR

New characters, and rework... Why did they changes Harpy and Yuri appearance? Why do they want to make them more unprettier?
Btw, #Bring_Back_Old_Yuri_Face


  • Actually, they look a lot better now lol. Just hoping they'll change those big frickig hands...

  • I will go with the crowd and go "Wooooo" since i can't really understand anything at all lol. I just hope enmasse has enough whales to keep the game going until then...

  • The crowd hype was some good stuff lmao

  • They're gonna change the game engine thats why they're making new 3D model's for all the characters (if im not wrong).

    Also the new model's are better 😂 I just pray for all the toaster PC players :(

  • No way, this serv gon' die until then man

  • I like the new Yuri, it adds a bit of personality. Indifferent to Harpy since I can't tell any differences (looks like they added more swagger to the walking?)

    Besides, it's just a small preview, I'm sure there will be more to it than "here's a new Closer, go nuts."

  • New Video about Mirae past is up in Closers Kr yt channel:

    They also uploaded her song a few days ago, it seems pretty well produced:

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