Good Fellas Crafting

So why is it that Good Fellas can only craft 1 SA/SO Costume Box per Account? The counter did not reset when the patch for GF Levia updated. I hope this is not another "this has been sent to EME and has not yet been replied" problems.


  • Its only 1 craft per Account everytime iirc

  • @CerealXKiller said:
    Its only 1 craft per Account everytime iirc

    I believe not. I've crafted 3 Costume box for Swords & Girls and Triaina Rebellion (3 Per Account). I've used them on bai, yuri, violet, seha, nata, and luna.

  • a1gundama1gundam Member
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    Isuzulha is right but the craftable sa/so costume box for the other task force teams didn't reset after each update. You could craft it 3 times per account during the event periods from the start. This 1 time per account for Good Fellas is likely a mistake. Maybe @Hime can look into it?

  • I'll ask about it!

  • @Isuzulha Oh, you're right, I just noticed.

  • any update on this? I crafted one outfit for levia and would like to make one for soma

  • YonggYongg Member, Player Council
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    You'll be able to craft the SA/SO costumes a maximum of 3 times starting next patch

  • I'm still not able to craft any more after the new patch arrived

  • YonggYongg Member, Player Council

    Welp, this has been reported. It was supposed to have been fixed but something clearly went wrong.

  • I was hyped when the patch notes said 3 per account, but yeah it looks like more and more problems arise sadly. The farming lasts one week left and the exchange would stay for another week. Hopefully by then this would be fixed (unlike OF).

  • Players are asked to send a support ticket for this issue. It'll have to be resolved manually (via this ticket).

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