Why is there no x10 Draco Fiber option in the cash shop?

1190 for 10 Draco Synco Fibers should be an option. Every Fiber previously has x10 option.

Also the normal syncro fiber turned into zenith fiber in the cash shop as well. Why not add every Syncro fiber into the cash shop while your at it? Cybernetic and Dark Command need to come back :^)


  • Ray676Ray676 Member

    Bumping because the main issue hasn't been fixed yet.

    @Hime help me out cute Misteltein uwu

  • HimeHime Member

    Sorry for late response, I've been a bit busy over the holidays. I'll ask them if they have any plans on adding this to the cash shop. (I'm unsure if KR has this, so if I could get verification that'll be even better).

  • SuguroRyuujiSuguroRyuuji Member, Player Council

    I've asked this before and the response was that it'll be something that will be put up in the daily deals. Aside from that no ETA or plans on putting it in the regular cash shop right now

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