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I just don't understand why some people, specially high TCP ones, have to rush BB raid within 15-20 minutes at the expense of an entire squad or two not getting an SS reward (possibly only obtaining A/S or even E/F).

How can this happen? To put it simply, they put all the high tcp players into a single squad and proceed to obliterate everything much faster than the other 1 or 2 squads. Then they do 3-4 runs which leaves the other squad/s having insufficient points to reach SS. It also guarantees everyone in their squad to earn SSS. Not to mention there are some people who, for the love of god, do Core twice. This renders an entire squad wasting their time and effort because the former wants to take advantage and save their precious time.

I can understand if they do this if the other squad/s can't finish the run because they dissolve due to DCs/crashes or just not enoguh firepower/skill before they got wiped out by one-shot mechanics. But sometimes it's not like the 'weakest' squad can't finish the run or finish it fast enough. It's just that Squad 1 (usually) finishes the run SO much faster. They don't even care about balancing the squad and spreading high TCP players across the 3 squads so that runtime would be pretty much the same for everyone.

It's suffice to say that this is a very inconsiderate move. I don't want to create an issue and "rant" in the forum but being partied with these people for the last couple of weeks is starting to take a toll on me. I'm already sacrificing my sleep time just so that I can play this raid. I just want everybody to have their fair share of experience and rewards.

I don't want to experience this again. My solution? I'm just going to create my room from now on, or atleast pick leaders who I had good experience with.

P.S. If you're the leader, you can drag a player's avatar to arrange his/her placement in squads. 9/10 rooms I've joined don't even know how to do this. Please balance the team. Thank you.


  • Well, i am doing my part. I'm sitting on 4.4m only because diud come back to the game now, and i just refuse to enter the dungeon if the others 2 parties are not doing points.

    But i saw one day a party running like that you said. Just childs with their childish pride.

  • RieidRieid Member

    It also guarantees everyone in their squad to earn SSS.

    ...This renders an entire squad wasting their time and effort because the former wants to take advantage and save their precious time...

    Well.. those are the key points about this problem. Sadly in this world there will be always people that will do everything in their power in order to get what they want, even if this means to screw up other people in the process. In online games is actually very common since as long as the people doing the abuse is not hacking, it is very rare that they get some sort of punishment for their actions.
    The only way to punish them that I see is just to not go in their squads, and just as you say: make your own group and pick leaders that are reliable.

  • I have never seen this happen. If someone were to do that, I would just decline repeatedly. It is really odd since ss and sss rewards is exactly the same lol, i guess they don't like waiting.

  • @Vagath
    I saw it happen alot when reconnect was bugged; people just didn't care at all even if 1~3p party could still clear, and just ate others' maps without a word.
    I hear about it happening still, but aside from people that don't know anything about investigation being party/squad leads(and trying to reenter dungeons), I haven't had any first-hand experiences of map stealing for awhile now.

    Also there's like +1 fuel and frag for SSS or something like that. The infinite greed of humans showing its colours.

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