Daily deals store still selling old item, it's not worth

I always checked the web store every day. it's not worth because it still selling an old item like Enchancement Booster, Dimension Vacchine, Synchro Fiber, Etc. I hope they will change it based on new updated items in-games like D component, rare fiber, Lucky Gear booster, etc


  • We had the same problem before. When they first removed a few items from the game, they kept giving them in the daili deals (and also in the elite player packs). It took them a few weeks to fox that so I assume itll be the same again.

  • I hope they will change it soon, bcause it's very important part for this game

  • HimeHime Member

    Feedback for updating the Daily Deals has been sent, so it'll be showing new items in the future :)

  • okay thanks for responding :smile:

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