Equipment Repair?

How do you repair equipment in game? Icon missing from shops now. Yet, gear condition continues to deteriorate.


  • Repair? This game doesn't have this function, you equipment doesn't get damaged when you use it, so you don't need to repair it.

  • Might I obtain clarification on what the Poor % is suppose to be an indication of in said image. If that is indeed the case.

  • Ok, image post did not post. So hence, here is the image.

  • It's quality of the gear which you modify with lubricants.

  • That's the quality of the gear, you can change it with UNion Gear Lubricant, I suggest you only use those when you reach lv60, but if you wanna use them go ahead, the quality goes: Poor(Grey) > Fair(Brownish?) > Average(Green) > Fine(Blue) > Superior(Purple).

  • Ok, that explains it then. Thank you for taking the time to explain it. I was kind of confused by the mention of repair in one of the quests. IE: Ken on the Wolf Dogs side saying you could buy sale and repair your items through him. Now I no longer have to look for something that simply isn't there. Issue resolved.

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