Team Challenge Question

All of my alts are Wildhunters. What's the "big penalty" if I use them on the other team challenges?


  • Black Lambs, Wolf Dogs, and Wildhüter challenge tiers have been added to the Team Challenge menu.
    Each team has a recommended set of Closers that will gain buffs when competing in the challenge dungeon.

    If you choose a Closer that is not on the list, your completing Closer will be hit with a debuff while in the dungeon. (If you want a greater challenge, do this.)
    Having team members of level 85+ on your account will grant your Closer more buffs while completing in challenge dungeons.
    After completing a challenge tier, your Closer will be locked to that particular Team Challenge tier set, so choose wisely because you won’t be able to repick the Closer that can participate in the challenges until the Team Challenge resets. Team Challenges reset weekly.

    Thats a copy-paste from the patch note. Since they talk about buffs and debuffs I would assume something like the buffs and debuffs like the one with the ilvl (like less dmg and more received dmg if its lower and just more dmg if its higher). But tbh i didnt play on kr serv for a while so i got no idea but just keep in mind that its a debuff that might make you struggle more :v

  • CShaCSha Member

    +200% incoming dmg and -50% dmg that's the debuff from what I'm told.

  • RieidRieid Member
    edited January 30

    Is there some benefit in using a member from another team or just for the challenge?

  • CShaCSha Member

    Yeah just for the challenge

  • RieidRieid Member

    Guess I'll use the corresponding characters then, none of my characters are strong enough to troll in there, maybe my Bai or Levia could, but aside from those all the others are kind of weak.

    Another doubt I have is if will there be more stuff to craft from that event in the future, like are there more items to craft in the Kr version?

    I am wondering this 'cause we have a few visual items, but those seem to be focused on the ranking so you kind of need to be on the rank in order to craft in a reasonable amount of time.

    The gear which use challenger crests, I am not even sure if it is worth to craft, unless is for an alt that you don't run BB raid.

    Maybe for the really OP people this question seem pointless since they can easily get the crests and be top 50 at least. But for the average person and also the more weak geared would suck to waste the crafting items if something better comes to the game in the near future.

  • I have 2 characters decently geared, both are wild hunters. I went into the wolf dogs one with my alt (Seth) 4m(ish) tcp, and was able to fair pretty well at T2. T3 was annoying because of the time restraint/deaths, but I sense to a more skilled Seth player it could be done.

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