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I've been watching a lot of speedrun content lately and the more I watch the more it seems like most, if not all, bosses have heavy DR phases which people avoid bursting into. I have a vague idea of what these phases are on certain bosses as my skills visibly hit for a fraction of what they should with full buffs and ABC procs, but I don't know how the phases are delimited and on other bosses I've no idea at all when DR is in effect.

Is there a definitive per-boss list? If not, could somebody please inform me? Testing this for myself is incredibly tedious with limited daily runs.



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    From the ones I know of off the top of my head, when they have the least DR is:

    Tindalos: When she first does the iframe and then goes into outer / inner circle explosions, that entire phase has no DR. In Hell when she appears for the first time she goes up then comes back down. During the coming down part she has no DR.
    Halphas: Whenever its feet are on the ground
    Nitocris (In hell): During the cage phase Permanent DR
    Yod: (In hell) Right after you break the first orb and before the 4 orb summon
    Wolfgang: During Eligos and the walls in the final phase? (Need Yong to correct this because I'm not entirely sure)
    Hoffman: Whenever he does his green orb attack (Either rotating around him in second phase, ontop of him first phase, etc)
    Sylph: Whenever she's down on the ground from her gather ontop of her skills. Permanent DR otherwise.
    Dermatobia: Also unsure.
    Muska: Unsure but likely during the phases where all he does is have his sword stuck in the ground standing in the middle.
    Beelzebub: Whenever he's in the middle doing something (Whether it be the final phase of the first form or final phase of the last form)
    Upcoming Misook: Unsure, have to playtest and talk with friends that speedrun / koreans who speedrun.

    Hope this helps, if Yong or someone else can correct me on any I got wrong that'd be great too.

    EDIT: Should add Team Challenge bosses.
    Andras: Whenever he's downed from his charges at t3 and t4.
    Astaroth: Whenever you down him from pushing his HP bars during his portal stride or the phase where he pulls orbs towards him.
    Vitus: After the aoe attack where he jumps up and the whole arena turns yellow with a safezone in the middle, he falls flat on his back and has little-to-no DR.
    Punisher-Irina: During the arrow walls (Low DR here, and can proc chase if your char doesn't have a lot of chase procs). After her transformation in t3 and t4 where she gains her Punisher Phase Wings and starts doing the landmine attacks. After doing the jump puzzle in t4 where she's downed.

    EDIT 2: Corrections thanks to Yong.

  • Thank you, that's helpful.

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