İ calling out to greedy and old players ...



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    @Hime said:
    Admittedly I have heard of people doing this, though not so often now. I'm not really a fan of it nor do I condone it, since I think people should be helping out others, but that's just me.
    Anyway, I don't mind carrying others in BB regardless of their TCP (assuming I'm not busy on that day with other errands). So just hit me up.

    i came across a lot.
    They form the 1st team with a password.
    For the 2nd and 3rd teams, They make unencrypted...
    They use other teams to get themselves done quickly and get SSS.

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    well... I've never been in a toxic BB raid room before (prob cuz i'm EU and thus able to do it around the time when it have only been open for 0~2 hours), but the way I see it... idk if my mindset is right or wrong, since I've only made my own room 2 times, however... I believe that the best way is to place the highest TCP together with the weakest TCP, 2nd highest TCP together with the 2nd weakest TCP and so on

    I also tends to run out of res at Veins (i'm still not good at the platforming part), but nobody have ever gotten mad at me (prob since i'm good at staying alive and working together at Hands, Back and Core) nor stole any runs, the only time I've ever had others get mad was when I was completely new to BB raid and didn't know how to re-assign, resulting in unbalanced Squads, but even then so did they give us a last chance to clear Core (we managed to clear) before stealing our run

    and regarding the password rooms, the only 1 I've been in is with my Crew, but even those rooms ends up being balanced in the end

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    There is nothing wrong with those forming a 1st or 2nd team with a password, because you need to understand that some crews try to help their own members that need the help before making the room non-private to see if any randoms want to join. While I agree that those with higher tcp should help those with lower tcp, they should also not be trying to rush the endgame and try to join a bb raid with 32k (someone did this and got kicked of course) - 900k tcp as you should be expected to at least contribute and not afk (A person with 600k tcp once did this for all boss runs) the entire time till raid ends. You should also understand that those with high tcp only got to that point because they spent the time progressing through end game content to get to where they are now and should not feel any shame because they have done so.
    A helpful tip which has been since this came was released on whatever server, join a crew and most cases there will be people who would be more than willing to help you slowly progress through endgame from purification hub to Hunters night and the current content bb bosses.
    From now on I think it is rather more appropriate if you take a more neutral point of view rather than being overly biased towards those with low tcp and in some way or form bash those with high tcp who just made rooms to help their own crew members or friends.

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    I had 3mi TCP, 137Ilv when BB came out. It's not great but definitly was enough to start doing BB, but you know what? In my very FIRST queue I got kicked....... 3mi tcp 137 ilv........I got so mad that I totally quit gearing in Closers, stopped to play for 1 month cause I was totally upset because of those guys. And plus. I"d decided to quit to play all MMO's from now on.

    You probally gonna say "Wow what a drama" but analisys my situation:

    3mi TCP

    137 ILv

    Having the actual strongerst gear of the game at that moment

    Is reasonable to you one player get kicked from a dungeon having the actual complete and maximized best gear of the game?

    Every MMO there's those stupid Elitists that want overgeared TCP/CP/AP players for Raids/Dungeons

    Dungeon X requires 1m CP


    This happens in every MMO.

    MMO's was supposed to be a genre of game where people enjoy and have fun playing together but Elitists ruined this cause of their elitism.

    I'll not waste 5, 10 minutes of my life waiting for a raid to just get kicked when we was about to start because some stupid Elitist want overgeared people only.

    After 1 month break i came back to play cause I miss my Soma and as Closers can be played most of time solo I could play in peace.

    Unfortunally I'm having the string_80 issue on Steam but once it solves I 'll just play solo casual , No Raids No pt anymore. Story doesn't need so much gear to get cleared anyways... I don't wanna get closer of any of those elitists never again.

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    People are stupid and kick for stupid reasons.

    My 6m TCP Seha was kicked and the reason? "Too many Seha's" lol.

    Quitting over other people's stupidity is dumb as shit, just go next.

  • It's not dumb quitting because of this cause my progression is affected by them. (I can't get the triggers without the Raid. And upgrade Tiers of the gears is a lot faster doing Raids than doing Sides only). It's not dumb quitting because My free time is affected by them (Waiting 5, 10 minutes for a party and getting kicked when we was about to start and having to repeat the process all over again)

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    I have been in groups with people with 2m tcp, i guess you had bad luck. Also closers is not an mmo lol.

  • Closers may not have the "Massive" aspect of MMO's but have the traddition estruture of every MMO (Gear Progression, Gear crafting, Gear Drops, Party system, Guild System, even a fake Raid and bla bla bla)

    My point of write "MMO" was to link to Blade and Soul, Tera and others MMO's where ocurres that same thing on Closers. Just look at Blade and Soul and the Elitists asking high AP for even Low Endgame dungeons

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    you are right, such unnecessary people are very

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    @LeviaHusband said:
    MMO's was supposed to be a genre of game where people enjoy and have fun playing together but Elitists ruined this cause of their elitism.

    Make some friends and start your own parties with them. Or just start your own parties and fill with randoms. Either way you'll avoid getting kicked.

    I haven't been playing for that long but I've only ever seen one person get kicked - and that was because he wanted to wait for a friend but we were short on time and needed to start. He wouldn't leave so we kicked. That's it. Never seen anyone else get kicked and I've been in raids with ~1-2m players.

    In my experience, the type of BB party being described in this thread is an extreme minority.

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    It's not necessary a continous conduct of the Elitists to kill a game.

    What a saw when I was leveling Archer was enough to quit.

    Closers itself is the exemple. The game died in less than 2 months due to the Elitists who wanted slow patchs back in feb-march 2019.

  • @LeviaHusband said:
    It's not necessary a continous conduct of the Elitists to kill a game.
    What a saw when I was leveling Archer was enough to quit.
    Closers itself is the exemple. The game died in less than 2 months due to the Elitists who wanted slow patchs back in feb-march 2019.

    stfu already, if you dont like the game dont like the players. then gtfo and find a game you enjoy.

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    First of all: I was answering the guy who asked me about last time I played BnS

    Second: I don't like the game? I was waiting this game since I saw Steparu posting videos about Closers in 2014 on CBT KR.

    I play since 2nd Beta

    You can have 100% sure I like this game and That's why I'm here on foruns trying to avoid some greedy players kill it. (Who'd be on a forum of a game he deslike?)

    I don't want that crap Elitists who asking people overgeared TCP to run a dungeon, destroy this game like happens on other games.

    Is still early. As people said me is not a commun thing (yet) but That's why we should starting to combat those actions right now to avoid the thing get out of control.

    I didn't participate on Bai war at that time. I regret that. I should've be there to fight alongside who really cared about the game, to fight against those stupid elitists in try to avoid the desaster the game is right now because of them.

    I'll not commit the same mistake

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