Is Violet BAD or am i missing something?

Curious & concerned.

For my whole journey I was maining Tina, just recently decided to move on Violet cause I found her a lot more entertaining and even managed to get her playstyle with some time, as well.

Even got my Gluttony core to t5, and in short, I have 3.6m tcp with 136ilvl. I wanted to try solo Bearland today, cause I thought its enough. And it took me around 5minutes. Was kinda surprised with that, cause when I soloed it at the similar tcp - 3.1m (with 138ilvl) on Tina, it took me only above 3minutes. Is Violet DPS really THAT bad or the 2ilvls really making that whole difference? (I'm lacking planet module + t5 ampi, my Vio having only t4 ampi) Please just dont tell me rn she's a lot worse than other charas...


  • MuryokuMuryoku Member
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    Are you comboing with Violet correctly? Violet isn't bad but she's not great either (yet).

    credits to Yong on vid.

    Does your combos look something similar to this? If not you should try practicing until you get a similar result in your combos. Violet has buffs coming in a future patch but she should not be taking 5 minutes at that TCP at all.

  • XusuyXusuy Member

    Muryoku covered the comboing part. As for gear T5 Amp is a noticable dps increase, since you should be getting your exceed double master cube and +1 in basic attack training from the T5 amp. Also epislon mod on her is better than planet mod until a10 (misook) mod cause of the +5 and +3 in exceed art/ basic attack training.

  • @Muryoku thanks for this vid, I'm doing it kinda similar but I should practice with this vid too.

    @Xusuy hmm epislon is which module? not quite remember

  • @Muryoku ok so I checked out this combo, but I'm not entirely sure what to do. Vid is too fast for me... Can you maybe write step by step how to do that?

  • @CerealXKiller said:
    @Muryoku ok so I checked out this combo, but I'm not entirely sure what to do. Vid is too fast for me... Can you maybe write step by step how to do that?

    If it's on YouTube you should be able to slow the playback rate

  • TarasikTarasik Member
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    Try this video (shows the button presses):

    Violet is punishing in the way that if you aren't on point in your combos, you lose a lot of damage - more so than any other character. But if you can master Violet, her damage is actually pretty good - not quite top tier though.

    Have just under 3.5m tcp in hub on my Violet, just attempted Bearland and took 2:43. I screwed up often enough that the run probably cost me around 30s though - definitely could clear in under 2:30 if I played perfectly. I took 3:20 to clear on my 3.2m Tina.

  • @Tarasik thanks a lot!!

  • TarasikTarasik Member
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    As a general guideline, most of the time your basic attack combos are done in the following order:

    dash attack -> uppercut -> air dash attack

    Also you want to max your exceed pool as much as possible (artistry, pulse, strikes, double) and basic attack training

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